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  1. Amazing effort all round amongst another season of sterling performances :banana Go jets!!! Clappers
  2. A chance meeting on the road and then in the Café in Kilcreggan has been followed by a generous donation from Andy Peter and Allan. Thanks guys and good luck with your Sportive at the weekend Anyone else who would like to donate will certainly help to keep me motivated A wee bit of help. and contribute to a very worthwhile charity Thanks to all those who have contributed so far Colin
  3. http://www.65roses-holmemossclassic.co.uk/ Lovely wee ride through some great country for a fantastic cause. What better list of excuses for a wee bike ride. Would be good to see a JWCC contingent there. BTW for those that don't know Alison Millbourn, JWCC member, is the Chairperson for Team Cystic Fibrosis. These are the guys that have organised this ride and also hosted the recent Crit Nationals in Barnsley. A good turn out of JWCC would be good support for her. Hope to see some of you there. Cheers Colin.
  4. Thanks guys. A wheel to hide behind will certainly be most welcome by the time I get to the last section. Great response so far and thanks to those who have donated already. Cheers Colin.
  5. Well its been a while folks since I last posted. Finally decided to put this cycling malarkey to some good use and doing a charity ride home from work. So what I hear you say.........thing is I' am working in Aberdeen at the moment and still live in Houston. That's circa 175 miles in a day. A wee link to my charity giving page in the email title (couldn't get it to show up down here). Please give what you can. Intending on posting a tracker on the day (Friday 28th August) so anyone who wants to join in around Glasgow probably circa 1800) is more than welcome. Cheers Colin
  6. Colin H

    Spied a Wheeler

    Quite a few out today. Gamma Penman (Jets) on the Georgetown, the remainder of the Main Bunch through Bishy at 1400(?), Donald and Lesley Scally (ex JWCC) at the end of West Glen Road towing a new addition in a tag along and Bill T in BoW. Happy days.
  7. A possibility but not a certainty at this time
  8. Colin H

    Sunday 12 Main Bunch

    Hope to be there........but would prefer to be in Ibiza!!!!!!!
  9. Guys, I will be doing this route, only leaving at 0800 now due to time constraint meaning I have to be back home by 11am. Anybody who fancies and earlier rise post up otherwise I will just crack on from home. Colin.
  10. Could be along for this but would prefer no café stop. Colin.
  11. Might actually get round to trying a couple of races this year. Any proposals for training this year? Also does anybody have a map of he Glennifer Braes course from last year?
  12. I suspect so but Im no goin oot to check just noo lol
  13. Well I could refund the storage charge against another 6 months hire . Let me know when is good to drop it off at clubrooms.
  14. I have the 54 I think. Certainaly have 1 in the garage.