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  1. Thanks to Alan and Elaine at the start and to the marshalls at the turns. Well done to Iain and everyone else who took part.
  2. Hopefully make the 9.00am group....weather permitting.
  3. I cannot make it out on Sunday, therefore if anyone wants to post a run, please feel free to do so and i can also put it on Whatsapp. Dave
  4. Three braved the chill, Boyd, Mitch and myself.After a dodgy iced track to Morrison's, changed route to main roads and headed along Beith Road and up Bowfield hill to Lugton, Dunlop (Deep-water Fell) and on to Dairy for tea, coffee and scones. Dairy now has a coffee machine and can now do cappuccino, latte, flat white etc.Headed back same route in crisp clear air. Thanks to Mitch and Boyd for the company. Dave I cannot come out next week,so if someone wants to post up a route for the 26th, i can put it on the WhatsApp thingy.
  5. Planning still to go out but stick to main roads.
  6. Depart 9.30am Clubrooms, Miller Street. Track to Kilbirnie, industrial estate, MOD road to B707 to Bloak Road to Dunlop Dairy outside Stewarton for coffee stop.(cheese/eggs). 35 to 40 miles at sensible pace along fairly quiet roads. Dave
  7. Six left Miller Street,in the rain, Elaine, Karen, Fiona, Mia, Graham and me and headed up Bowfield hill into dry. Made our way to Barmill and then onto Blair Road through puddles. Through the new roundabout at Highfield and then change of coffee stop to Aughengree Farm. Fully refreshed headed for the cycle track to Lochwinnoch and then up Johnshill. After a puncture and then a Hail Stane storm on the way up the group headed home. A better day than the forecast and good to get a good sized group again. Dave
  8. Weather permitting trip to North Ayrshire. Leaving Clubrooms at 9.30am Miller Street Bowfield hill, rocky road, Hessilhead, Barmill Jamestown Moss, Highfield, Kilburnie and coffee at castle semple. Please post if coming here, meantime while we set up whatsApp group. Dave
  9. wet wet wet. Good sized bunch for the new year including three Carols. Run was cut short at Cairn cafe where we blethered for about an hour. Most then headed home from there and me Carol C intended to accompany Graham and Gerard over Houston Road but took a wrong turn and ended up at Kilmacolm Golf club clubhouse. Sorry guys. Dave Planning to set up a whatsApp thread for 30 milers and other bunch runs. More details to follow.
  10. Happy New Year Easy paced 30-40 miles to get the new year started, around some local roads but the reverse of the usual routes. Leave Clubrooms 9.30am Miller Street, Johnstone. Cycle track to Bridge of Weir, Torr Road to Gateside, Auchenfoyle Rd to Auchentiber to kilmacolm. West Glen Road to Houston & Bridge of Weir for coffee. Open to all and if new to cycling, all you need to turn up with is a spare tube, tyre levers , pump ,money for coffee and your enthusiasm. Please post if coming, Dave
  11. Planning to do a couple of hours local. Houston, Kilmacolm etc. 9.30am Clubrooms Miller Street. Company welcome. Please post if coming out. Dave
  12. Suffering from man flu now, so unlikely to be out this Sunday. If anyone else wants to post up, please feel free to do so, if conditions look suitable. cheers Dave
  13. Forecast looks like wet and stormy...so probably a day for the turbo/spin class. Will post up if forecast improves nearer time though. Dave
  14. Although it is likely to be a dry sunny day tomorrow, it will just be too cold for me first thing. If anyone is more willing to face the chill, then please post up if looking to go out. Cheers Dave