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  1. Women’s shorts size medium in new kit colours. Any reasonable offer. PM me to sort out.
  2. I might be there but do not wait for me. If I am not there for 9am means I am not coming
  3. Hi, I have changed my hairdresser appointment ( Oh er haha) so that I can make this. Fingers crossed that it is dry Carol
  4. Hi Dave, I will be joining you on Sunday Carol
  5. Hi I should be there at least for part of it
  6. I’ve just noticed that says Advanced Member .....only in years haha
  7. Hi I am going to enter the middle route in the Don Smith memorial
  8. I will be out on Sunday unless the weather is really bad - can’t do ice/snow. Plan to leave with 9am group
  9. I will be out . Plan to go with the 9am group. Will not be there if roads are icy/ snow but everything else that the weather can deliver is OK
  10. Hi Darryl, That is me all organised, sort of, entered have B&B in Kettlewell booked, travelling down with Gerard ....just the simple task now of getting fit ...mmm ...did I say simple task . Looking forward to it - good to have a focus Carol
  11. Hi, I am interested in the mini etape .....hard enough for me .....maybe too hard ....( feartie that I am) Carol
  12. Hi Dave, I will be there unless roads are icy ( but forecast looks OK) Carol got a cold so won’t be there