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  1. Thanks M. I’m know there was no malice intended, when I was dropped near the start I messaged the group and some of the group eased up until I got back on. I was just surprised that when 2 other riders dropped off later on we never regrouped , sent strong riders back or checked if they were ok. Maybe there is an expectation that you message the group if you drop off to highlight you’re off the back so it was assumed no assistance was required. However given it’s normally me falling off the back I felt for them and thought that the group should have been offering to help them out. If I was strong enough a rider I would have been happy to drop back to give then a tow. Once the sticky returns the problem will be resolved , on zwift anyway. On a positive note we all got a ride in a group or solo which is better than no ride.
  2. Assuming the weather forecast holds (or better still improves) I’m planning a lap of Arran on Saturday if anyone fancies joining me. Wont be fast but don’t plan to hang about too much. 7am ferry , 13:55 return
  3. So the 4th didn’t happen due to the risk of getting isolated on the island ..... just as well 🤣 Aiming for Sat 25th or Sun 26th Jan if anyone up for it. F.
  4. Won’t be fast at this time of year! Most likely stop for something to eat f.
  5. My son’s set me the challenge of riding around Arran once each month of 2020. I’m planning on doing the January lap on Sunday 5th if anyone fancies joining me. 08:20 ferry 😴
  6. No way, just read this ! Hope it was a good ride.
  7. I’ve got a black Planet X size 54 track frame for sale if any use ? For sale with pictures on marketplace on the track cycling buy, sell or swap uk site.
  8. And we got a history lesson about the ammunition factory 💣!!
  9. Yip car still there 🤣🤣 Was nice to meet up with you guys !
  10. I’m in ! helensburgh sportive this weekend so good choice to avoid !