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  1. I’m in ! helensburgh sportive this weekend so good choice to avoid !
  2. After posting this I now can’t make ! Gutted looks like a good day as well !
  3. Anyone fancy another intermediate run this Sunday? 50-60 miles I was supposed to be doing Selkirk sportive but if an intermediate bunch riding I will stay local !
  4. I’m a maybe now with this weather !! Getting soft in my old age !!
  5. I plan to be there. Will bring some cakes along. f.
  6. I’m bailing as well!! Unless anyone wants to do a bit of cx somewhere off road instead and a bit later on say 12 ish when the weather gets better ?
  7. It sounds like I should be going in the 9am group but think I’m going to struggle to get there for 9am!! How much faster is the faster group ??
  8. Indoor session for me this weekend sadly!
  9. I’ll be there , sorry for last minute post !
  10. Sorry folks I would have been there but I read the run cancelled message and never logged back on until now to see that others were still going out . Did a spin session instead ! Sorry Martin ,wanted that natter as well !