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  1. Enjoyed last night's run and kept dry for us too. Thanks Jane, Chung and Graham Carol
  2. Good ride last night apart from being saturated at the end. Thanks Jann for the route and Elaine plus Charlie and Ramsay for puncture repair advice. Carol
  3. Hi everyone I am going to give tonight a miss as a bit too wet for me sorry wimping out Carol
  4. Hi Elaine Sounds good I would be happy to lead a ride on some Wednesday nights Carol
  5. Hi not sure yet but if coming it would be 9.00 group obviously and could cut it short as not been on a bike for weeks so slower than usual which is pretty slow these days
  6. Boyd are you still going as pretty wet here. Dave
  7. Well Billy my watch recorded 13.5 mph which is not bad for going up a hill think the guys were going a bit slower than normal as they were waiting for me and Boyd so sorry for spoiling your ride.
  8. Thanks to the helpers last night and nice we change going to Houston Inn for refreshments. Carol and Dave
  9. Will come along tonight but not sure if will TT.
  10. Hi we are going to give Arran a miss just too long a day as time constraints this Sunday. Have a good run everyone Carol and Dave
  11. Maybe I am still thinking about it need to be quite a slow pace as not done that many miles this year.