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  1. DavidC


    Sad to hear your news Davie, been on quite a few adventures over the years together be it Cyclecross, Audaxing, Pyrenees and the Amstel Gold, and I hope we have a few more adventures. Iv'e never quite kept up with your pace apart from when we got lost at the Amstel gold, or when we stop for beer, I will email you a few pics I have looked out, and also a video of you singing in Dutch with Paul & Eric...what a night.
  2. Will be out Darryl. See you in the morning
  3. See you 9.30 at the club rooms, Darryl.
  4. Darryl, I can give you my carvelo C 3 for a week, it has got cx tyres on it at present. I’m 6 foot, but I think the seat could be moved. david. ,
  5. Thanks again Iain really enjoying the rides.
  6. Iain are you still organising a run for saturday morning?
  7. https://www.parktool.com/product/team-race-stand-prs-20 Had this workstand for a few years, used but not very often. Securely holds bike without clamping the frame tube or seat post. For quick release, an attachment is needed if you have throu axle.
  8. Couple of years old, still in perfect working order. Changing my turbo setup, so no longer required. Selling for £20, currently on sale on Wiggle for £53
  9. DavidC

    Monday 9th Dec

    Will get you at your house at 11.15