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  1. https://www.parktool.com/product/team-race-stand-prs-20 Had this workstand for a few years, used but not very often. Securely holds bike without clamping the frame tube or seat post. For quick release, an attachment is needed if you have throu axle.
  2. Couple of years old, still in perfect working order. Changing my turbo setup, so no longer required. Selling for £20, currently on sale on Wiggle for £53
  3. DavidC

    Monday 9th Dec

    Will get you at your house at 11.15
  4. DavidC

    Monday 9th Dec

    Plan on being along👍
  5. Hi Ross Just too late mate, I am boxing bike and wheels tonight, sold online yesterday.
  6. ****SOLD**** SElling my JWCC winter cycling jacket, size is XL £25.
  7. ****PRICE DROP**** Now £1500 For sale my Canyon Ultimate CF SLX, large frame, 2016 model, Zipp 303 firecrest wheels, 11 spped Ultegra groupset, 175mm cranks. Looking for £1700, or nearest offer, may sell wheels seperately.
  8. DavidC

    Monday 26th

    Yeah, no problem with time, did the new frame arrive?
  9. DavidC

    Monday 26th

    Mate, I’m hoping to get out on Monday, need to do a bit of work in the morning but should be out about 10.30 if you are still about