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  1. Anthony T

    New Calpe (Spain) thread

    Hi guys After watching the epicrides video clip, it sold it for me, I have booked same flights as well, do I need to book accommodation?
  2. Anthony T

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Thanks Chung, found the culprit when I got home.
  3. Anthony T

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Was enjoying that until I got the second puncture at inverkip and could not find the source of the problem, so did not want to risk it with no tubes left, got the train back to paisley from inverkip
  4. Hi Chung, yes it yours, we can make arrangements tomorrow.
  5. Anthony T

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    I'll be along for the 9.00am group.
  6. Hi Unwanted bike looking for good home, it's a falcon explorer steel frame,gears might need adjusting but everything else is fine, Free to anyone that wants it.
  7. Anthony T

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    I'll be out for 9am, but am time limited ,so will peel off at some stage.
  8. I'll be out this morning also
  9. I'll be out, but might ' dip the toe ' with the other group for a while
  10. Anthony T

    Espana 2019

    I'd be up for this aswell
  11. Three bike tow mount carrier. All working including lights/number plate board. Not much more to say really £100, bought from Tom but never use.
  12. Anthony T

    Whole club run 23rd September

    I will be there
  13. Anthony T

    Bike fit

    I used Drew before and found him to be very good.