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  1. Hi all Anyone recommend a place where I can purchase a crank bolt for a FSA ck4000 crank, left side. Thanks Anthony
  2. Hi Glen Is this trip still on or is it cancelled due to lack of interest.
  3. If any intermediates are planning to go out tomorrow, I plan to go with the main bunch for a while and peel off at some stage.
  4. Planning on being out tomorrow 9.30 clubrooms. 30 milers welcome. Plan to join the main bunch depending on the pace, will drop off if too fast.
  5. I plan to be there, hopefully the weather will no ok, don't wait around for me .
  6. Nice run today, good chat and good company, thank Linda and Tommy.
  7. Clubrooms 9.30 no planned route, suggestion is to tag along with main bunch for a while and peel off at some stage.
  8. Dave, there is too much risk for me of ice on the road so I will give it a miss this morning, I will probably go out later if it warms up.
  9. Sorry Graham, not for me this week, just back from a couple of days away