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  1. Thanks, but probably staying local area Renfrewshire, Inverclyde, Ayrshire area
  2. Heading out tomorrow for a 50 miler @ 9 am. Company welcome.
  3. Hi Elaine, sounds good to me, see you there.
  4. Not for me this week, out on Saturday.
  5. Good steady run today with Graham and Tom, returned via Fairlie moor.
  6. Can i suggest largs and possibly meet the main bunch there.
  7. Hi Elaine If I don't get out of my bed for the etape Caledonia, I will join you.
  8. http://www.stickybottle.com/latest-news/irish-cyclist-sued-tipperary-council-e64000/ This sort of thing would make sure they do the job correctly
  9. Hi Fiona I'll join you for this for an 9am start.
  10. Hi Elaine I'm unable to go this week, next week hopefully.
  11. Good run today, 50 miles in the bag .