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  1. I know I ridiculed Paul’s ridicule .... however seagulls are flying side ways down here which I’m taking as a bad sign for me
  2. Planning to take the southwesterly from the ‘shire to clubrooms or morrisons for the 0930 and take it from there
  3. Happiest moment of my day realising this cool news
  4. Sorry I won’t make this one. See you at #2
  5. Trying to work out if and how I could join the route Charlie. What’s your route up the braes then uplawmoor? I’m trying to figure out if feasible to cycle up from WK to intercept your route
  6. Good bunch and good company too. didn’t feel much of a tail wind up the coast but in the way back it was a real grind. thanks Greg for great run
  7. Good shout Darryl was thinking similar. Will get you on road. What’s the route to lochwinnoch then?
  8. yea I can't see thread either but saw it on Saturday Bunch messenger thread
  9. Some of the best tech is >15 years old. Wheels for example. I would tend to agree with Iain regarding WhatsApp - its not designed for a club with such large numbers as JWCC but works well for small informal groups. If too large the thread can easily get lost or highjacked (so unlikely I know), plus having a system that pushes notifications for potentially such a large number of club members is likely to become intrusive and then ultimately lack utility. I'm not surprised at all that there is such varied feedback about the utility of the forum. In reality using digital tech tends to rely on multiple sources of access to accommodate inclusivity and diversity of users preferences, experiences and needs. Some people will be quite satisfied with the Website access via computer, others accessing the bunch forums via their smartphone, others news updates via facebook, strava or instagram or tinder (George). Obviously one relatively accessible solution is to have access to push style notifications via your smartphone. It would be interesting to survey members, regarding their use of mobile phone to access bunch content online, their preferences for this or if current they do use a smartphone but do not access JWCC content via this then what would encourage this sort of usage. One solution, depending on users preferences would be to have a JWCC Mobile App that could push notifications in a more controlled way to users, for example social events, club rides, club events (e.g. Reliabilities, Chocolate Series). However, this would require central administration time and resource to update. There are some off the shelf products on the market that are worth exploring can can be made available via App store and Play store. I'm not sure the costs but basic 'fit all' platforms are likely to be economical for small businesses, clubs and societies. I did a brief search online but to give you an example check out: appsmakerstore.com https://youtu.be/zkQPHX0wJJE Anyway just a thought Andy
  10. I also may join you making 4. Morrison’s at 0940. Will confirm am