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  1. Outstanding Galeb! Congratulations!!
  2. Cheers Charlie- I’ll drop you a text as I’m leaving. One wee route variation is that the Bunch might fancy coming down to the bagel basket
  3. That’s going to be epic. See you at Morrison’s
  4. I think I was just after Galeb on the KoM but nobody seemed to notice
  5. I’m an absentee too. Labouring overseas
  6. I’d be up for this on Saturday
  7. Gummers

    Ayrshire Alps

    Hi Ian eta back to cars would be 1230 and home for 1330 andy
  8. Gummers

    Ayrshire Alps

    This is one of the great JWCC days out! We didn’t make it last year and make sure your passports are up to date
  9. Hi guys Had hoped to join you but there was a bit of play in my hub - nothing worse than irritating your cycling pals with a persistent repetitive noise. I’ll just leave that there andy
  10. Typical. J.Esus makes a brief reappearance at Easter then disappears again
  11. I’d like to do this but definitely not 0830 at clubrooms- even with the better light it’s still a decent run in from WK