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  1. That’s 21 events unaccounted for G! I have 0 commute related but 2 MTB related. If we count those theres another 19 going spare.
  2. Risk of hospitalisation is that if 1000 people cycle to work every day for 10 years we’d expect to see an additional 26 hospitalisations (23 <1 week) so although there is an increased risk this of injury is small overall. these data are great argument for increasing cycling safety and traffic calming measures.
  3. Study in BMJ today Involving 264,377 participants (average age 53 years) recruited from the UK Biobank - a database of biological information from half a million British adults. Commuting to work by Cycling or walking is associated with substantial health benefits.
  4. Three weeks to transition from Chris Biggins to Chris Hoy!
  5. Congratulations Iain and well done all today. Tricky conditions for a restricted gear TT
  6. I’d be up for a Sunday magical mystery tour
  7. Warning from the WhatsApp thread. There is growing evidence of a non infectious but psychologically contagious syndrome. People are at risk developing “Shite weather hopelessness syndrome” characterised by depressive mood, irritability, frustration, and social withdrawal. People are mistakingly using self isolation and quarantine to limit the spread. even worse some people have gone to Spain to escape the syndrome I would prescribe period of bunch therapy involving sustained exposure to various gradients of shite weather plus coffee stops.
  8. I know I ridiculed Paul’s ridicule .... however seagulls are flying side ways down here which I’m taking as a bad sign for me
  9. Planning to take the southwesterly from the ‘shire to clubrooms or morrisons for the 0930 and take it from there
  10. Good tail wind up Sinclair Street
  11. Happiest moment of my day realising this cool news
  12. Sorry I won’t make this one. See you at #2