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  1. Plan to be out and join at bottom of Bowfield climb. Andy
  2. Gummers

    Don Smith Memorial Ride 2019 is now live

    Plan to enter on the day
  3. Gummers

    Sunday 20th January

    Will miss catching up with you tomorrow. Have a PhD to read :-(
  4. Gummers

    Sunday 20th January

    Well said DavieB. I may come out. Be nice to meet the new boy George
  5. Gummers

    Regular bogs bunch tomorrow 10am

    Thanks Galeb! Tough shift today. Small bunch departed Renfrew into the wind. After Largs the pace went up leaving a highly select group of strong guys Galeb, Ian A, Gregg, Scott, Finn Crockett and Ross Clark.
  6. Gummers

    Regular bogs bunch tomorrow 10am

    Sorry to hear that Paul. Will look out for Alan. Hopefully a good bunch despite missing yourself and also super Saturday
  7. Will need to stay local myself. DavieB I can swing by Kilbirnie about 11?
  8. Gummers

    Sunday 6th Jan

    Looking out my window wondering where all the driech rain and fog came from then I remembered it was a DavieB ride today
  9. Gummers

    Regular bogs bunch tomorrow 10am

    I think it’s safer doing bypass and harder! It will however require a new segment which means that Mark Cushley likely to be KoM lead forever.
  10. Gummers

    Regular bogs bunch tomorrow 10am

    Well that was hard. Thanks to scotrail I missed the Bunch making it to the bogs at 1005. I decided to chase in the vain hope that a mechanical or the traffic light gods might smile upon my forsaken soul. Hope blossomed at the Red Swinney as I could see the unmistakable sign of car queues and flashing red lights. However by the time I made westferry there was not a sign at all. I continued to pray to the traffic light gods but the only signs they gave me were reds through the port and Greenock. So up through Spango Valley. It is indeed a dark place but shaves nearly 3k off the 56k to Largs. I made largs just ahead of Bunch which gave me a few extra minutes recovery time before joining the bunch properly. The bypass was hard and I knew by the time I reached Kilwinning I was living on borrowed time. I sat hopefully on Gregg’s wheel and momentarily was inspired by Dr Alan getting back on the Bunch. However once Gregg started to move to the front at the saltworks I was gone. Lights out. Nice company back to Beith with Paul and Alan before heading back into the wind. I was never so happy to be home! Good work out.
  11. Gummers

    Sat 29th Fenfrew Bunch

    Yes I think the quote “all hell let loose” fully captured the experience between Weymss Bay and Ardrossan roundabout. Regularly 50kph plus. I chased Richie and Gregg down on two occasions during which I’m sure I was hallucinating the Care Bears. ‘Twas good fun and felt like a very thorough smashing. Looking forward to the post Christmas auchintiber lochlibo Road route starting next week. Not. Andy
  12. Gummers

    Sat 29th Fenfrew Bunch

    Irresistible! See you in the morning
  13. Gummers

    Festive Cycling

    Sorry to miss this tomorrow but hopefully catch you over the festive period. Merry Christmas everyone and I hope Santa brings you lots of cycling goodies!
  14. Gummers

    Festive Cycling

    Yes could probably join you Christmas Eve at Morrison’s and head home after celebratory black coffee and toast scraped with margarine at Das Bagelhausen
  15. Gummers

    Renfra bunch sat 8/12

    Got totally dissed by Charlie on cycle path between Howood and Lochwinnoch as I went by and saluted himnin military style. I didn’t take it personally because he looked a bit ... how do I say ..... fatigued. Felt your pain Charlie!