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  1. Great thanks boys!!! We are leaving on the 28th June so will take Darryl's offer. Now is it chocolate, beers or kisses?????
  2. Does anyone have a roofbox that I could possibly borrow for the first two weeks in July? Payment in chocolate, beer or kisses? Cheers
  3. Myself and Jesse could get there for 4, "captains of education!" Mind you, if I started at 4 I might have a chance of getting to the end of the Georgetown first!!!
  4. Anyone heading up this weekend? Give us a shout of "Mon the Joansin" If you see me!!
  5. Really enjoyed that again tonight! I left a bit early on the Georgetown as I didn't want to get caught in the rain! Honestly!!!
  6. Alan, I might not last to the Smiddy, I hope you look wonderful!
  7. Since it's Easter I think it's time I rise again! Remember me? I used to be well fast.... Due to my three year sabbatical I have become way too short for my weight! The only training I have been doing is cycling from Houston to Kilmalcolm with the kids and getting a fry up! So here are my chain gang and weight goals for this season, Weeks 1-2 Get to the end of the Georgetown Weight - The same as a Billy and Geo lovechild. Weeks 2-4 Get to Bishopton Weight - Greg Balden with a pair of heavy boots on. Weeks 4-6 Get over the Cote du Bishy (I named it after my famous dropping on it during the Bogs) Weight - Charlie giving Gummers a piggy back Weeks 6-8 Hang on to the bottom of the Clune Weight - Gunson/Archibald wet through Weeks 8+ Give everyone a pumping!! Weight - My right leg weighing the same as P McDonald! See you tomorrow night if my kit fits!!!
  8. Absolutely devastating news! Alex had a great sense of humour and was a pleasure to ride with. I remember in a cafe in Arran once, the waitress said that the gas was off so could not cook 12 sweaty cyclists a breakfast, when the table next to us who arrived 15 minutes after us got served two full frys I remember Alex heading into the kitchen to speak to the chef! 12 hot rolls soon appeared! He is going to be deeply missed, really sad news!