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  1. Enjoyed that tonight and will bring the cash tomorrow evening! Thanks to the helpers.
  2. Yeah I'll be there to give it a bash.
  3. I'll be there pending decent weather.
  4. Should be good for this. Decked out in the new club kit!
  5. GP Lama uploaded a vid to YouTube not that long ago when he tried to update the firmware on his new giant. Went wrong and everything stopped working. He basically had to disconnect everything and reconnect bit by bit updating the firmware as he went. Solved his problem and may help you...
  6. What's the craic with these Greg? Do you use Zwift?
  7. Would be interested but I have a sportive that weekend. Week after?
  8. alanhendry


    Was certainly an eye opener for me! Enjoyable in retrospect lol.
  9. Mark and Alex turned up so we actually had a decent run in the end! Yeah I assumed the other boys had organised their own run. I'm an Ayrshire lad myself but have managed to escape to the city fortunately!