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  1. Nice ride. A few testing kickers and kind of disappointed the bunch didn't crack. Need to reappraise my fitness. Tiffin cake was excellent too. Cheers.
  2. The Reliability Rides have been a success in recent history. Ideally 8 riders per bunch and if you have a mechanical you fall on your sword. We had a full bunch ride on Sunday: 3 punctures, one broken bottom bracket and many frustrated motorists who couldn't overtake, such was the length of our string. I'd prefer an APR with mudguards. Happy to turn out as long as I'm not lumbered with folks who say they have long COVID, a skinful the night before, and they haven't been out on their bike for 6 weeks. I'm assuming that's what a Reliabilty Ride ensures. Must google the etymology of reliability. I'm in the slowest group in the summer APR's and the best 10mins is when the fast guys come past and you try and jump on. I don't feel I'm being elitist in asking for small dedicated groups working together. Got less to say about the Confined calendar. Tough to see how to reinvigorate the confined TT scene. I'd embrace the introduction of the CTT calendar - remember CTT is new to Scotland and much closer to the Confined ethos than British Cycling. The Renfrew Bunch taking over the Thursday club chain gang is a pain. If we embraced it we could turn that ride into an APR with a slower less experienced group heading off 10mins earlier. My favourite ride last year however was the Wednesday evening spin to Dalry. Easy ride with a wee habble at the end. What can beat that? PS I'm salivating over getting a 10 minute start on a Thursday and when the main bunch catches us giving them hell down the Georgetown.
  3. I think James gets the man of the match. A GT rule of thumb is you can go a minute quicker on a wheel (equally matched pair taking turns - 30s). James to take one and a half minutes off his best must first have been millimetres off Sam's back wheel and second, buried himself to stay there. Balls of steel on both counts. Double kudos. And single kudos for Sam to have been so steady to bring them home.
  4. At the last minute McT has agreed to partner me in the 2 up tonight. See you all at 6 30.
  5. Plan to have a dry run. Tired legs but got time to rest for Saturday...
  6. Iain McT has volunteered to timekeep.
  7. I haven't timekeeped at all this year. But I would like to compete... I'll bring a watch. Looks like we will need to do a dead turn at the roadworks. Plenty wide with the junction there.
  8. With my £1300 enve front wheel and £1000 FFWD disc, my Aero helmet and not to mention my Cervelo P5, it would be the worst £116 I could ever spend. Though first time round I did buy the cheapie JWCC suit. And I use it on the Tour of the Trossachs October TT - you can fit a duffle coat underneath to keep you warm which proves invaluable. Nopinz will do one-offs btw. If you want to Time Trial forget spending any money until you get a decent skinsuit and long socks just for the look
  9. You mean a JWCC Onsie, or a proper fast skinsuit?
  10. We are in trouble McT. Ordered the latest hi tech skinsuit today. 10 day delivery. Reckon if we are going to beat Sam we better do it soon. Like last year probably.
  11. We should do pop up TT's. Good air pressure, light winds, immediately pop up a 24 hour Strava window Georgetown challenge. We must be due some floaters.
  12. Business like and people fell on their sword when they were done. A couple of missed KoM opportunities with the slightly different wind direction today... Richie still ahead of me on Munnoch West - he did his pull - he deserves to best me. Thanks guys.