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  1. Saw Don Smith at the velodrome today. Said he really enjoyed the Thursday Bunch AND he really likes our new kit. Says he's thinking about joining JWCC. Not quite sure why he ever left and joined Paisley Velo. Had a few comments complimenting the kit recently...
  2. Six souls faced tonight's biblical conditions to fight for that much desired end of season chocolate bar. It was hard fought: Gerard 17 19 (pd) Lorne 17 21 (guest) Alan T 18 18(pd x2) Sam Edgar (age 13) 19 08 Hannah T 23 46 (guest) Stuart DNF (puncture) (pd x2) Temp 12 degrees, 1004mb, 85% humidity, 7mph NE wind. It should have been a fast night. Alan got a season's best. He is in full training post retirement but doesn't plan a taper until his return from Calpe. Hardcore.
  3. Just noticed the 5pm deadline. If it’s on I can time keep.
  4. We need the return of the intermediate sprint. And double points for the first week of the month. Might be easier just going for top 3 getting points. You’re never close enough to see Iain
  5. I’m planning the 7 to 9. Group of OAP’s normally and second hour we do Russian Steps. Davie Gibson organises it. 9am session often empty. You could go for the JWCC hour record...
  6. On Thursday there weren't enough riders for split groups. I enjoy the Thursday chain gang especially as riders with completely different agendas can all ride together. I personally want to do as little work as possible until the Clune. After the Clune gloves come off and on the Georgetown it's great to alternate between making the whole GT hard or sitting in for the sprint, or going for a late break. Whatever I try it doesn't work of course. Billy told me yesterday he always goes long on the sprint because if he went short with his 1400 watts no-one would stand a chance. Also the Renfrew Bunch on a Tuesday is great for 40km eyeballs out from the gun. Some folks start at the top of Bishopton and go up the Heggies. They save everything for the GT sprint.They know who they are
  7. I did the North Side Chain Gang on Monday which had 3 groups of 12 to 15 riders. That worked perfectly. I guess people join in along the way but when you get to 20+ riders we become a hazard to the motorists and it's harder to get a training benefit. What's your objection to splitting the group?
  8. I am being less than gracious about our esteemed worthies. Pleased about these new initiatives. I can see the goodwill. Guess I never got over being banned from the confined events when I paid my subs but took out a BC race licence with another club. My sourness is not an age thing I was born crotchety. Just glad I can ask my friends along on a Thursday. And you’ll escape that Slough of Despond any day now Charlie. Cheers
  9. Didn’t realise Thursday chain gang had been annexed to the official club activities. My understanding was it was Charlie’s ride and anyone was welcome. If the JWCC worthies get to have a say that’ll be the end of civilisation as we know it. Seriously pained and discombobulated.
  10. It’s ok. I have a very long stem. Totally slammed. Plenty focal length.
  11. Carol Murray knows some folks that should come along. Carol is so old school she’s probably forgotten how hard it is to get started.
  12. I’m putting the word out there. Know a couple of women who given a kick start would love to cycle...
  13. That is 2 years in a row I can’t make it. Once I’ve perfected my new bike position Richard and I should have a ride off at the Sam Dooley. I feel he’s on the decline.
  14. BBC says North wind. Met Office says East. Got to tape 2 sets of instructions to my stem. Annoying. And a bit too hard from the Red Smiddy to Westferry for me last week. Got to save my legs for later. It’s a sprinter grupetto thing.
  15. 10m 40s for the first half of the Westferry for the Bunch. Not that quick (my 42nd fastest time on Strava) but Cedric had blasted the pace to Bishopton... did catch one rider I seem to remember, who gallantly didn't draft us