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  1. Ian Archibald


    Seriously hard shift. Got dropped by a girl too. Sexist I know. Chapeau to Lynsey Curran. And thanks for the company home Paul. We need to do better.
  2. Ian Archibald

    Sunday Feb 10th Reliability #2 Moscow Revolution

    Beautiful day for a cycle. Scotland at its best. So pleased I was back in time from Tenerife. Thanks guys. Some nicely maintained bikes too. Reliability gods.
  3. Ian Archibald

    Sunday Feb 10th Reliability #2 Moscow Revolution

    I was thinking of coming along. Plan to set my alarm extra early to get there for 9 30am - can't see there being a fast group.
  4. Ian Archibald

    Reliability Run 1, Sunday 3rd Feb Tour Of Renfrewshire

    There could be some KoM opportunities with a few well judged efforts in the 9 00 group. I'm tempted, but no, my flight is booked, have to go to Tenerife.
  5. Ian Archibald

    Sunday 03/02 - 150 or 200km loop

    Got a painting of Loch Luibnig on my living room wall. Very much want to see the original and what better way then sitting on your wheel for 200km. That week though I’m in Tenerife. And with some imagination you could find nicer roads; you a scientist I guess. Go creative. Definitely up for it in the Spring.
  6. Ian Archibald

    Renfrew Bogs

    I'm praying for you Paul. You can escape the JWCC diseased and domestically distressed Sunday Bunch syndrome. Cold shower every morning and plenty turbo.
  7. Ian Archibald

    Renfra bunch sat 8/12

    Richie said let's go steady so to keep Charlie's cagoule / windbreak with us. Then he bombed up the hill to Kilbirnie. Cagoule got the last laugh though eh?
  8. Ian Archibald

    Renfra bunch sat 8/12

    Very smooth chain gang. Tidy too. Only one honk from a car all day. They must have thought we were pros. Nevertheless it was sad to see Paul lie down for the 30mph Largs sprint. Seeing the photo of him in the Tour of Flanders thread with Graeme Herd and Drew Smith last century I guess after all these years he is finally losing it. Needed that push Paul btw. Thanks guys. Almost enjoyed it..
  9. Ian Archibald

    Winter segment challenge

    These KoM challenges threaten to corrupt my secret training program to win the sprints on the Georgetown next year. Can I suggest all the segments are left open all winter so I can win them when my periodisation cycle, wind direction and air density match in perfect alignment. Thanks. I am currently working on long term mitochondria improvement.
  10. Ian Archibald

    Track Derny Accreditation

    I’m Having to work Tuesday and Wednesday. Booked the 8am Tuesday session for Russian Steps though. Big Gordon Stead from Fullarton Wheelers has booked. Always like to try and make him hurt.
  11. Ian Archibald

    Crow Road 28/10/18

    If the Khyber Pass is resurfaced I am seriously tempted. Meet you at Erskine Bridge - 9 40am. And we get an extra hour in bed with the clocks going back. Almost civilised.
  12. Ian Archibald

    12 noon drop in Thursday 25th

    I've booked Thursday 12 to 2. See you there.
  13. I've booked 12-2pm but I think the 12-1pm session is full. Billy is coming. Probably do some 3 lap sprints (no overtaking until lap 3). And some Russian steps prior, to tire Billy out.
  14. Ian Archibald

    Tuesday 18 September 12 noon

    The elite band indeed. Beat Paul McDonald at the weekend. Cigar and whiskey as I type.
  15. Ian Archibald

    Tuesday 18 September 12 noon

    Billy. Iain and I are booked for 12 noon. We do some Russian steps to tire Billy and then 3 lap sprints to finish him off. I'll text you Billy if you are still barred.