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  1. I think to spice it up next we should have to repeat every half hour until the Jets crumble and I beat Paul McD. Great event. Thanks to the organisers.
  2. Interesting NE wind forecast. Golden opportunity to combine some hill efforts with KoM attempts. Got the bike down to 7.0kg...
  3. Lyle Hill Climb is the day before. Plan to make it (someone has to keep those pesky Jets in their place).
  4. Tour of the Trossachs on. For the TT’ers, forget the Georgetown and the Westferry. This TT is the TT to beat all TT’s. Bucket list material. Get entered.
  5. Matt Henon from GTR has asked me to publicise the Lyle Hill Race on Saturday 28 September: https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/19509 The Lyle Hill overlooks Gourock. The Bunch pass it every time they cycle to Largs but I suspect they never take the pleasant detour to what is a wonderful view and a fantastic location. I've just come back from the Stow triple hill race where the under 16's showed me a clean pair of heels. Hill racing is particularly suited to our lightweight juniors where restricted gearing is not a handicap. And I'd enjoy getting a stuffing from the Jets; as long as they come out on the winter Renfrew bunch and let me get my own back. The hill takes 5mins and I suspect power climbers like Marc Kelly could press me all the way. Then there are the hard men like Galeb and Charlie, and the softies like Richie and Billy. Be nice to see how we all measure up against each other. Ian
  6. Sunset is 19 45. Bring lights to get home but even then I'd expect to get home by 19 45.
  7. A narrow lane with a blind bend:JWCC hill climb route isn’t attractive / safe. Scottish hill race calendar is good this year too. Dukes Pass, Stow, Lyall, Gleniffer, Lomonds of Fife... I’ve entered them all! These hills take 5 to 10 minutes to climb. Be good to have a practice on the Gleniffer Braes or a hill of that nature. Or how about a Bunch ride and race up 2 or 3 hills and let Strava assign the times. The weight weenies could give the sturdier types a start
  8. Excellent event Gerard. Food was especially good. Thinking I might take that Jayne home with me next year.
  9. With 2 new roundabouts and fast cars approaching the Bishopton Rd from the M8 new slip road I’d argue the Erskine route is a no brainer. Erskine much better. Not interested in a weekly APR myself but would enjoy a hard training session and trying to keep groups to 12 or less.
  10. The fast group wasn't fast but it was smoother and safer. When you see the big variation in speeds up the Clune it should be obvious that some riders need to sit in at times for the sake of the overall bunch speed. The main benefit I guess was the bunch size. Twelve was perfect - not too long soft pedaling on the wheels between efforts. I'd be for keeping the split groups for a few weeks and see how it goes. I think it would encourage weaker riders to join this session and enjoy the fun!
  11. There is a Couriers WhatsApp Saturday group that is winding me up. The change in the Thursday format has been posted up but it seems there are some people (John Craig and Garry Dunn) who want the ride to be a social ride operating at about 32kph (20mph for the old timers). The joy for me in the chain gang is cooperating to go faster than you can on your own. In a low grade Cat 3/4 race the average speed for 2hrs+ of an un-cooperative bunch of cyclists is 38-40kph. If we can't cooperate and achieve 40kph for one hour we aren't cooperating! Gregg O Malley has won races on long solo breaks averaging this speed on his own. And no way should Gregg beat our determined chain gang who are working for each other. Smooth and fast. When a chain gang is in full flow there is nothing finer! 45kph down the Westferry should be a breeze.
  12. Air density of 2.07kg:m3 is highest I’ve seen this year. Probably 30s slower than last years perfect conditions PS I’ll check the Strava flybys. Were you up on us at half way?
  13. I fancy a 2up to Largs on our winter bikes. First really rainy Saturday of the winter when going hard is the only option. Last to Largs buys the coffees. These guys can’t do aero. Can they do mindless grunt? I’m fancying we can beat em. Just leave the pink shoes at home Iain.
  14. Iain desperately wants this trophy but he has been persuaded to risk all and sacrifice our superior aero knowledge and intellectual advantage. Road bikes it is! Road racing gear only. So if you wouldn't wear it in a road race you can't wear it tomorrow night. Iain will probably wear his Rapha gear and pink shoes but that's OK as long as he never turns up to a road race in them.
  15. I think this is a psychological trap. The safe riders will do the slow group, the racers will do the fast group which leaves the dodgy riders in group 2. We looking to reduce our membership roll?