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  1. Business like and people fell on their sword when they were done. A couple of missed KoM opportunities with the slightly different wind direction today... Richie still ahead of me on Munnoch West - he did his pull - he deserves to best me. Thanks guys.
  2. This was a terrible ride today and I feel I owe it to you all to share my view: 1. No focus. Not neuro muscular, not VO2 max, not threshold, not sweet spot, not zone 2. Just maximum rubbish with minimum gain. 2. Riding in a slow cadence is almost universally accepted now as silly. You want to grow your quads - sprint flat out for 10s. Churning for 3 hours is like going to the gym and squatting the bar for 3 hours. 3. This ride was not just time inefficient (we spent half our time free wheeling when we could have been on the sofa practising our duolingo Spanish) but more, now my legs are semi shredded for tomorrow. 4. Not even the social benefit of riding in a group. Either semi puffing or waiting for Billy in his big ring. We all have different goals I know. But this ride is ill conceived I appreciate some guys like it. I wondered why Lynsey Curran refused to turn out - I’d told her we were touring round the lanes - now I know. It was a testosterone fix. C’mon guys. We can do better than this. My suggestion is to stick to a long zone 2 ride. Throw in a few 10s sprints and if you like, 30mins at sweet spot. I appreciate this will involve reprogramming our very own Duracell toy, Charlie. I guess the forum is not for this type of comment. Won’t take offence if the moderators take it down. Honest And for those looking to hire a car from Alicante airport try Rentalcars.com
  3. I’m always up for a cafe ride to Kilmalcolm. Will bring extra warm clothes just in case Couttie is still a basket case. He hasn’t got long now to get fit
  4. We should have taken more KoMs. Missed opportunity. Hope for big wind again next week
  5. Thanks for the canter Charlie. Made it back in time. Couttie is getting fitter too. Definitely out of intensive care and on the recovery ward.
  6. Ok. Meeting Lynsey at the fire station at 9 05. So Plan A prevails and we can tackle the Auchenlodment Rd after all; my favoured ascent of the mighty Braes.
  7. Lynsey Curran wants us to meet her at the bottom of the Bowfield (she doesn't know where our Clubhouse, Cycling Centre of the Universe is). It wasn't the exact route we had in mind but still takes us to Uplawmoor / Kilmaurs. You ok with that Charlie?
  8. Mr Couttie says he has 13 weeks to get fit and I'm looking forward to witnessing the transformation. Oh and don't let Robbie pretend he's unfit. He's still enjoys the physique of a pipe cleaner. Anyhow, great ride today. Lynsey Curran forced the pace along and McT and I got our KoM. Best get to work now before it's dark
  9. Mct and I are looking for a lead out train for this segment. Wind should be perfect. Escape velocity is 50kph. Can't have a Renfrew Bunch route KoM going back to 2013. Embarrassing.
  10. There must be a website function that filters out bad weather forecasts and stories of woe and illness. Tomorrow is going to be a cracker.
  11. I’ll be there if I can find the care home. Is it at the lights at the junction we take on the Summer chain gang to Houston?
  12. Iain C and Greg were tragically unfit but impressed they got round manfully with little complaint. Charlie and McT were putting the power down for the 30 signs but suspect they had been tapering... Nice ride. Cheers.
  13. I'm resolved to getting out of bed before 9am in 2020. See you at the viaduct 9 30.
  14. My legs are shredded. Charlie, Marc and Alan took turns at belting up each hill. Hardest of all was to watch the 94kg Macbride hulk disappearing up the road. Much too much testosterone flying about. Said to Iain we best stick to cycling with the girls.
  15. 90km, 1200m climbing. Plan to keep HR 100 to 120bpm unless Charlie tells one of his finest funny stories. Best to keep to questions on crank lengths, bottom brackets and how come there are so many folks who can ride their bike on a Wednesday morning