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  1. This time I really am going to bring my new Cervelo P5.
  2. Really enjoyable night. Hugely enjoyed keeping the women and the juniors under pressure. I know I have all the expensive kit but the day will come when their talent is going to overcome... just not yet So great night. Now we need some low pressure, high humidity and 25 degrees C.
  3. I've attached the Arran clockwise leaderboard on Strava. The 2hrs 36mins is definitely possible with a favourable wind. I'll be going over there soon on my Cervelo P5 and skin suit as soon as the weather improves.... Good luck guys.
  4. First test of my new Cervelo P5. And tapering for the Tour of the Meldons on Sunday. Hoping for a sub 16.
  5. Great turn out tonight and very enjoyable (came 3rd in sprint after taking the short-cut). Marc Kelly has even less shame, taking the short cut and winning the sprint. Bah! Anyway seems there are people not happy with who we ride with and what we say in the JWCC, however I'm hoping the Thursday group can stay a broad church and cope with some levity. Meantime going to ban myself from the Sewing Bee and Sunday groups (before I get banned). Be sad if Thursday nights went the same way as the official club rides. Excellent night. Cheers
  6. We need an elder statesman with leadership skills to keep the pace moderate to the top of Bishy Hill. Or we could strap an HR monitor to Charlie with an alarm when it goes over 200bpm. Definitely think we should have a “no one gets dropped before the top of Bishy Hill” policy.
  7. Well spotted. I've booked both hours. Been working on my sprint...
  8. Forecast is still bad. Think I'll be on a rest day.
  9. Very enjoyable. I've booked the 10am Derny session for tomorrow now too (and the 11am open session). Expensive cycling weekend but will get it all back by having a quiet night in tonight. Think Sam has booked too. PS Don't ever believe P McD when he says he has flu. Cunning psychology - fooled Iain when he lost his wheel.
  10. Booked. First outing since the crash... best keep a safe distance from me
  11. I jumped on to Strava to see if the 2019 Don Smith had taken Katie's and my KoM / QoM on the Lugton to Kilwinning segment. Whew. You guys need to start pushing your pedals a bit earlier next year. And can't believe we haven't a Jet could put Richie Provan to the sword. He's collecting some impressive KoM's - all that Spanish training with Billy...
  12. Hope it’s not a rerun of the Milngavie cycle path. All that money spent and cyclists hate it, motorist hate it but it gives the local bureaucrats a nice warm feeling. The devil is in the detail: junctions and side roads.
  13. Ian Archibald


    Seriously hard shift. Got dropped by a girl too. Sexist I know. Chapeau to Lynsey Curran. And thanks for the company home Paul. We need to do better.
  14. Beautiful day for a cycle. Scotland at its best. So pleased I was back in time from Tenerife. Thanks guys. Some nicely maintained bikes too. Reliability gods.
  15. I was thinking of coming along. Plan to set my alarm extra early to get there for 9 30am - can't see there being a fast group.