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  1. Mr Couttie says he has 13 weeks to get fit and I'm looking forward to witnessing the transformation. Oh and don't let Robbie pretend he's unfit. He's still enjoys the physique of a pipe cleaner. Anyhow, great ride today. Lynsey Curran forced the pace along and McT and I got our KoM. Best get to work now before it's dark
  2. Mct and I are looking for a lead out train for this segment. Wind should be perfect. Escape velocity is 50kph. Can't have a Renfrew Bunch route KoM going back to 2013. Embarrassing.
  3. There must be a website function that filters out bad weather forecasts and stories of woe and illness. Tomorrow is going to be a cracker.
  4. I’ll be there if I can find the care home. Is it at the lights at the junction we take on the Summer chain gang to Houston?
  5. Iain C and Greg were tragically unfit but impressed they got round manfully with little complaint. Charlie and McT were putting the power down for the 30 signs but suspect they had been tapering... Nice ride. Cheers.
  6. I'm resolved to getting out of bed before 9am in 2020. See you at the viaduct 9 30.
  7. My legs are shredded. Charlie, Marc and Alan took turns at belting up each hill. Hardest of all was to watch the 94kg Macbride hulk disappearing up the road. Much too much testosterone flying about. Said to Iain we best stick to cycling with the girls.
  8. 90km, 1200m climbing. Plan to keep HR 100 to 120bpm unless Charlie tells one of his finest funny stories. Best to keep to questions on crank lengths, bottom brackets and how come there are so many folks who can ride their bike on a Wednesday morning
  9. Have woken up in the dark this morning. Scary. Thought I could join you for a bit this morning...
  10. I think to spice it up next we should have to repeat every half hour until the Jets crumble and I beat Paul McD. Great event. Thanks to the organisers.
  11. Interesting NE wind forecast. Golden opportunity to combine some hill efforts with KoM attempts. Got the bike down to 7.0kg...
  12. Lyle Hill Climb is the day before. Plan to make it (someone has to keep those pesky Jets in their place).
  13. Tour of the Trossachs on. For the TT’ers, forget the Georgetown and the Westferry. This TT is the TT to beat all TT’s. Bucket list material. Get entered.
  14. Matt Henon from GTR has asked me to publicise the Lyle Hill Race on Saturday 28 September: https://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/race-details/19509 The Lyle Hill overlooks Gourock. The Bunch pass it every time they cycle to Largs but I suspect they never take the pleasant detour to what is a wonderful view and a fantastic location. I've just come back from the Stow triple hill race where the under 16's showed me a clean pair of heels. Hill racing is particularly suited to our lightweight juniors where restricted gearing is not a handicap. And I'd enjoy getting a stuffing from the Jets; as long as they come out on the winter Renfrew bunch and let me get my own back. The hill takes 5mins and I suspect power climbers like Marc Kelly could press me all the way. Then there are the hard men like Galeb and Charlie, and the softies like Richie and Billy. Be nice to see how we all measure up against each other. Ian
  15. Sunset is 19 45. Bring lights to get home but even then I'd expect to get home by 19 45.