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  1. I can't make it I am in millport for the weekend
  2. Hi I would like to do this too. Can you include me in your numbers. Thank you
  3. Why is it called the reliability run? If the weather is decent and there is some non fast bunch you can rely on me to be there. OtherwIse I am happy to heat your soup.
  4. Lc1

    Sunday 13th Jan : local

    You should be with them now Fiona..... you are a fab cyclistx
  5. Lc1

    Sunday 13th Jan : local

    And also Dave C the leader.
  6. Lc1

    Sunday 13th Jan : local

    Hip hip hooray I am finally on the website. A very welcoming club so I need to say a huge thank you to Carole, Graeme , Gerrard, Jane and Alan for taking me under their wing. Also the boys last Sunday who looked after me when I decided to fly instead of pedal..I am very grateful thank you. Apologies to Charlie he had to put up with the girls chat about our designer heels on Sunday instead of bike chat. At rugby this Sunday with my beautiful boys have a fantastic day tomorrow. L