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  1. Limpet.. nearly caught the golden boys up I went 2 ferries later. .. just missed you
  2. I may tag on however if your saunter is 20mph I will saunter off!! Its frosty here wrap up ๐Ÿ˜ฑ..
  3. Lc1

    Friday 13th pm run

    Tommy and I are doing another 100 mile route tomorrow. If you or anyone else can make it 9.20 ferry.
  4. Thank you for the invite.. We are off to Largs wummin chat.... However I do want to try this one day I like a hill.
  5. Hi I am going to Argyll tomorrow so if you are over that way let me know.. I will be getting the ferry from Gourock.
  6. Charlie you have me singing....my desire is to be here...I meant there .. I am in ..
  7. Lc1

    Arran Challenge

    I will run the book ...anymore bets ?
  8. Lc1

    Arran Challenge

    Tommy I will go on thursday. Are you planning to cycle to Ardrossan or taking car to Ardrossan. Let me know..
  9. Lc1

    Arran Challenge

    Good morning Wow yolo indeed... I need to get to know Arran better befote attempting this. I now have it on my list. I hope you both achieve your goal.
  10. Lc1

    Arran Challenge

    Paul I am a female however what is an SA? I may be able to do this if I can get the time off work. However looking at the forecast Thursday is a much better day. I will be going into this blind no clue I am willing to give it a bash....if you will tolerate me haha. What is that saying? You only live once
  11. Yes I would like to add I learned some new hand signals from Alan.....haha Not sure they were cycling ones though however very useful for intimidating other road users ๐Ÿ˜„
  12. Thank you all for today... yes Glen you did wear me out haha worse than the Argyll wheelers.. Doubt I will be able to walk tomorrow A great day out !!
  13. I can do that as long as forecast is ok...
  14. Hi Glen I can go if you don't mind female company ? ...depends how fast you go and when you say a long day what exactly does that mean ?