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  1. Good Morniing I got it no Chris Frome on descending and 2 bananas. I may live life on the edge and put full fat irn bru in my bottle. Thank you Ian a great question yes I do wonder too?? ... Ps when is Katie coming out haha..I read her last column about sitting in her pants it was funny ..... ..who does she take that after ? Thanks again for the information I am most grateful and its much appreciated. I should be able to do it. As I said leave me if too slow. See you wed
  2. If I am not "kneading the dough" or "putting the cream in a filo pastry" ...,I may pop along for the fun of it. No idea what c11 means secret cycling code haha... thinking I should maybe bring a banana this time.. do you know any ? Haha
  3. Hi Not able to make it this week have a good one
  4. Great just what I was really looking forward to learning.. ..I suppose I better cut my nails for Wednesday then
  5. Would love this however family stuff enjoy
  6. Hi I can do this one booked a holiday ...I have always wanted to go to Arran. Hopefully it will happen
  7. Thank you I will hopefully see you then.. you will leave me for dust however I know where I am so all good
  8. Hi Thanks yes weather dependant. Let me know what time you are getting the ferry I may tag on. It will depend if I feel energetic that morning Thanks L .
  9. Darryl I may come with you what way will you go? I can catch you before the ferry. If your too fast I am in my terrority so I can just drop off.
  10. Hi Dave I have been told by Carol I will be there too. Lx
  11. Hi A huge well done to all the guys a fantastic achievement those hills were brutal. I felt so proud when you all got back. I wanted to say thank you so much to all of you who looked after me. Chung you gave me the best laugh he hadn't got on his bike and felt sick due to Gerard taking the scenic route to Kettlewell This was my first sportive and I loved it. Next year definately the full distance...anyone interested I recommend the wheelers skinsuit definately makes you go faster
  12. Thank you so much Gerard looking forward to seeing you. Though I am nervous I have been looking at the route it looks stunning. I will leave you boys to your meal I have enough of boy chat at home with my two sons Many thanks again.
  13. Yes I will go with you instead see you tomorrow.
  14. Thank you for the offer I may just do that...Strachur was lovely as usual .Hope you had a good run