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  1. Good morning Yes I have walked it a good few years back now. Lovely walk however I found it a little boring compared to the WHW. 😎
  2. Can"t make this one🤨..enjoyxx
  3. A friend gave me these when I started cycling...I found them interesting hope you do too😁
  4. Lc1

    Hoody Order

    I will try get there before 3.30pm. My new gym hoody.. Hope it has pockets for my jelly babies.
  5. Lc1

    Hoody Order

    Paid.. ..thank you so much. Love a warm hoody.
  6. Lc1

    Hoody Order

    I will have one...extra small..if not a small will do.. They look good however could do with a bit of pink on them..
  7. I have a great idea...George you can set the WHATS APP group up and call it FLANDERS....
  8. Anthony I could listen to your voice all day. Your voice should be the hold when you phone up a company.. I read Katie Archibalds recent article her Dad made his daughter listen to Fleetwood Mac as hold music. He should have been reported to the social services. Many thanks for today some lovely little hills.
  9. Booked so excited Christmas has come early.
  10. Why would you talk yourself out of it..? No chance of that now .. what number is the shuttle service three options I will book the same one?
  11. George if you still want to do the full route? I will go....care in the community and Tommy nae Fleetwood Mac music in the car...
  12. Optimal Sleep enhances Optimal Endurance Performance.
  13. Wise Chung say 174km.. I am not getting up at 4am in the morning to catch a bus 😡.