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  1. Lc1

    Arran Challenge

    I will run the book ...anymore bets ?
  2. Lc1

    Arran Challenge

    Tommy I will go on thursday. Are you planning to cycle to Ardrossan or taking car to Ardrossan. Let me know..
  3. Lc1

    Arran Challenge

    Good morning Wow yolo indeed... I need to get to know Arran better befote attempting this. I now have it on my list. I hope you both achieve your goal.
  4. Lc1

    Arran Challenge

    Paul I am a female however what is an SA? I may be able to do this if I can get the time off work. However looking at the forecast Thursday is a much better day. I will be going into this blind no clue I am willing to give it a bash....if you will tolerate me haha. What is that saying? You only live once
  5. Yes I would like to add I learned some new hand signals from Alan.....haha Not sure they were cycling ones though however very useful for intimidating other road users đŸ˜„
  6. Thank you all for today... yes Glen you did wear me out haha worse than the Argyll wheelers.. Doubt I will be able to walk tomorrow A great day out !!
  7. I can do that as long as forecast is ok...
  8. Hi Glen I can go if you don't mind female company ? ...depends how fast you go and when you say a long day what exactly does that mean ?
  9. I should make it...however do not wait...
  10. Charlie what is a sewing bee? I thought that was something wummin partcipated in? I would be most grateful to be enlightened on this subject thus furthering in the building of my encycleopedia..... Thank you
  11. Not able to make it have a fab time.
  12. Lc1

    Friday 12th July

    Hi Thank you both for today....short but sharp a definate push on the hills..phew
  13. Lc1

    Friday 12th July

    Hi great...I will cycle up to meet you I know how to get to Bridge of Weir. A bit directionless after that however I am sure I will find you... Thanks Alan
  14. Lc1

    Friday 12th July

    Hi Alan I will tag on if ok.? ..how many miles and what pace approximately...? Thanks