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  1. Before Charlie gets in I couldn’t hold his wheel and had to take a short cut home, nice route though
  2. Nice ride in the sunshine, sorry Glen for turning right when in fact I was being told I was shite not to turn right.
  3. me,will probably do a bit more as 5/6th of an hour is not much
  4. Thanks for the air Gerard, Good run, how was the new caffee
  5. Was certainly an epic one, hope not to have a repeat anytime soon. Ligaments are still bad news. Hats of Colin for carrying on. If you were a horse I would probably have shot you. See you next week
  6. My first chain gang in years will do it again, only left at bow as tt on Sunday sensible pace
  7. Thanks for the night, Colin for holding up.Good effort Stuart,keep it up.