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  1. Hope to be along for a bit prob bail at some point, time constrained
  2. If the JWCC contingent grows I'll no doubt see yous up there πŸ™‚
  3. Roberto


    You can obtain a GPX route file on https://www.bikemap.net/ & convert it to a ZWO file to ride on Zwift via https://whatsonzwift.com/convert/ Made a nice Etape Caledonia Zwift route although I did only 30 miles of itπŸ˜‹
  4. Great chance to join Philippa York (formerly Robert Millar) on this stage Train to Oban & let the wheels do the rest anyone interested? Mind you I still have a recurring saddle sore to get rid of...
  5. Got a saddle sore since friday think it's folliculitis will see how 'tis this evening
  6. Roberto


    The Ardbeg number looks brill
  7. Hi folks here's a helpful video I spotted from Anthony Walsh of A1 about using Zwift more effectively regarding your training https://youtu.be/_pFntAH2Udk
  8. Roberto

    Zwift Etiquette

    Bananas, water & a wee bit lucozade sport or similar for me
  9. Way too puffed to talk during meetups 😩 & impressed at how fast some of you folk seem to text
  10. Anyone know which riders are group 1 & which are group 2 in this? Cheers
  11. Did things work out ok with this? I got a screen freeze & exit again, situation calling for new iPad or similar