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  1. Roberto

    New Year’s Eve

    Nice work folks, good Hogmanay ride
  2. Roberto

    Joansin team prize at CTT hill climb today

    Congrats to the team!
  3. Roberto

    Whole club run 23rd September

    Hoping to be along if bike back from Trek by then (warranty claim)
  4. Roberto

    Which Garmin would you recommend?

    Martin, I've had this for a while works well & has Strava live segments https://www.merlincycles.com/mio-315r-gps-computer-101910.html
  5. Roberto

    Arran 15 July

    Better forecast for tomorrow & a day off so I might take it on
  6. Roberto

    Arran 15 July

    Haven't cycled Arran since 1991. Aiming to sort that out.
  7. Roberto

    Law Wheelers/SVTTA 25, 1st July

    This monday, 2nd July, Jannza!
  8. Roberto

    Law Wheelers/SVTTA 25, 1st July

    Off to the Isle of Mull instead
  9. Roberto

    Sunday 24th

    I literally almost ran into Martin & his posse returning on the cycletrack coming off flyover near Johnstone while I headed for Fairlie moor & Haylie brae :-)
  10. Roberto

    *Alex Baird* - Sad News

    My apologies in advance also very unlikely to be able to attend as got morning hospital appt
  11. Roberto

    Segment of the week 14 May - 20 May

    The Georgetown League getting sillier by the week
  12. Roberto

    Wednesday club

    aarrgghh working a.m.
  13. Roberto

    Wednesday club

    Is this morning or afternoon/evening, folks?
  14. Roberto

    Georgetown League

    Back this Wednesday (09/05) First rider off 7pm (last sign-on 6:50pm)
  15. Roberto

    Segment of the week 30 April - 6 May

    Similar issue regarding Strava KOMs?