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  1. Roberto

    Monday 26/08

    Hope a closer to 10am start's ok as got home late last night. Ok, Brisbane & quits 😎
  2. Roberto

    Monday 26/08

    Two in same boat re condition of the legs Gerard! At BB roughly around lunch 12-2pm how does that sound? Start at clubrooms, track to 'winnoch & decide route en route?
  3. Roberto

    Monday 26/08

    Thinking a decent mileage one Gerard, down through Kilbirnie, Dalry, Fairlie moor east side climb, Largs, Brisbane, choice of Greenock hills & home. Open to route changes etc.
  4. Roberto

    Monday 26/08

    Hi folks think I'll be heading out Fairlie moor/Brisbane glen direction, company welcome, open to route ideas etc, cheers
  5. If no takers for my Arran Monday I aim to join your Tuesday band 🙂
  6. Short notice I know, anyone fancy popping over to Arran tomorrow? (19/08) Feelers out for now, no particular route etc :-)
  7. Nice one Billy thanks going up (first one since '14) & big thanks to guy who couldn't make it
  8. Me neither. A shame, as this event always had a good showing from Jwcc
  9. Wondering if anyone is doing this? Shortened route this year (only 62 miles)
  10. Roberto

    Bar Tape

    I use Fizik, great grip https://www.cyclingweekly.com/reviews/handlebar-tape/fizik-superlight-bar-tape
  11. Great stuff Ian well done
  12. Hi Alan,Sorry this is later than ideal as just noticed thread. Due to numerous factors i.e. family, health,motivation/enthusiasm (lack of) I haven't renewed yet, however situation could change & you may notice a £30 from my direction at some point during 2019.Cheers :-)
  13. Nice work folks, good Hogmanay ride
  14. Hoping to be along if bike back from Trek by then (warranty claim)