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  1. 09::00 club rooms. no idea of route intricacies so need one of the wizened club Sherpa to guide us. good weather has been booked but it’s not a real Galston leg bender unless you get manky 😀
  2. You know what I mean. Not death by bongo pace but also not cyclotouristé either 👍
  3. Not.A.Clue. I’ll leave that for an adult to decide 🤣
  4. Some chat about this on WhatsApp https://strava.app.link/MLvCPp2qfhb 135 miles. A bit of a change from Largs and north of the water. this is a main bunch ride so not dawdling. maybe a bit of an earlier start?
  5. Thanks for putting these events on 👍
  6. Sorry. Will square you up next week. Will bring tri bars too 🙄
  7. I’m meeting some folk at 09:30am at Erskine Bridge. Intend to go over Crow Rd & have photo taken at Robert Millar mural at bottom. Normal main bunch pace. I’m riding straight to bridge so won’t be passing club rooms 👍
  8. What about that Herdy’s Habble race? Was that not carnage too?
  9. Don’t think I can make it now.
  10. Plan to be there/there 👍
  11. I’ve managed to destroy the front brake on my TT bike. Waiting on Giant sending me a new one. Will ride if it turns up.
  12. I read that the vehicle passed the rider and forced him into a parked car.
  13. I look like I’m riding 56x10 😂🤦🏻‍♂️
  14. George

    Spied a Wheeler

    Saw Mike Ferguson today & yesterday. Good to see he’s out and about again 👍
  15. That looks magic, Jan. need to work on your position though....
  16. George

    Arran - Again !

    Either way, once Covid is over a night or two on arran with some cycling & beer would be magic.
  17. George

    Arran - Again !

    Hold my beer! The 4 lap one sounds excellent, no worries about ferries and a few beers afterwards 👌🏼