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  1. Is it best to pre book the ferry crossing?
  2. Just spotted that I was not to go out and do this after I forgot to go out and do it. Just to be clear.
  3. Good job I checked before heading out. I would have appreciated the chance to catch my breath at a red light though.
  4. Good effort guys, I am sure a few more Wheelers could pop out for a shot next week.
  5. Is this all day or between 1800 and 2100?
  6. These fine gentlemen.
  7. I would as well, good for building strength.
  8. I am in, hope to crack 20min.
  9. This we all understand and appreciate the clarity about this. My thoughts were to do some sort of segment challenge using the TT routes, which would easily fall within guidelines. My suspicion is that any subsequent posting/boasting/moaning about times on the club forum would divide opinion about club endorsement and to ensure club compliance with current guidelines it would be simpler to not have us posting. It would appear, for the sake of a couple more weeks, that waiting for day we resume some sort of club activity is the sensible way forward. May I propose that we should consider reversing the hill climb route if we get to use it this year, hillclimbing just takes much more effort these days for some reason...
  10. Is there any scope for organising ourselves a substitute for the confined events by using the Strava segment of the week format?
  11. Good to hear from you Chung, we await your salacious bike images.
  12. I think I know where it is, I shall go over the weekend.
  13. That is what I thought, there is no way that bike, which those wheels, is going off-road, ever.
  14. Gerard Deeley

    Old Tubes

    https://www.cycleofgood.com/recycle-your-tubes/ This is where I will be taking all of mine now. I did try repairing a whole load a while back and it did not work out.
  15. I am curious to see this ‘ruin’.
  16. I know it is nearby from the background, but the location of the specific spot is really frustrating me.
  17. Too easy, next time I should be more obscure.
  18. Hope you are having a nice birthday.