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  1. For me keeping up with the fast bunch is to fast for my Etape preparation, so I will be starting off with the 30 milers and might add some extra after a café stop to make an intermediate distance.
  2. I'm tapering for the Etape du Dales next weekend so don't fancy trying to keep up with the main bunch going north, but would be happy to join you and go south to Dunlop / Stewarton / Dalgarven. Might do some extra miles after a café stop.
  3. Count me in for this one, any ideas for a route and a café stop?
  4. I'll come along and help. Alan, if you want to ride Stuart and I could do the officiating?
  5. Great, James MacLaren will probably be there too, so that makes 6 of us so far, should be a good ride.
  6. On Saturday I'm planning on doing: Erskine Bridge, Glen Fruin, Arochar, Rest and be Thankful, Hells Glen, Glendaruel, Loch Tarsan, Hunters Quay ferry and home. About 110 miles, 8:00 from Kilmacolm or 8:40 from the bridge. Probably intermediate rather than main bunch pace, but it would be great to have company.
  7. I'll join this run and see how I last - the civilised start time and coffee stop make it sound attractive!
  8. I'll come along for this one, and may take a different route home to add some extra miles.
  9. GrahamF

    Friday 5th April

    This sounds like a good plan Alan, I'll see you at 9:15 on Friday.
  10. Thanks for the route Dave, a great day out in the sunshine for the first run of the year on the summer bike. It was good to have the Jets join us, it made for a good sized bunch and added to the day.
  11. We went to see him speak about this last year, it was truly inspiring. I would highly recommend it to anyone with ambitions to do something - particularly if it is cycling / endurance related! eg. PBP?
  12. Gerard and I are planning a trip to Fintry tomorrow, Crow Road at least one way, and a cafe stop at the Courtyard Cafe, Fintry. About 50 miles round trip, meeting at Erskine Bridge at 09:30, more company welcome.
  13. I'll set off from Kilmacolm to let the Jets catch me on the way to the Port and hope to meet up with the main 9 o'clock group somewhere along the way.
  14. That's me booked up for the ride, I'm staying on the Saturday and Sunday nights at the Belk's B&B in Kettlewell (also known as Zarinas) and planning to add the ride on to a visit to family in Yorkshire so I will be making my own travel arrangements nearer the time. Only 230 of the 1000 places left for the long ride - so they may go soon!
  15. Hi Linda is planning to join you for this, but isn't on the bunch yet. Jane and I are planning to do our own thing on the tandem but may see you out on the road.
  16. Chung, I think this project justifies a Brooks B17, any other saddle is a mere imitation - you might even be able to get one in a matching colour. https://www.wiggle.co.uk/brooks-england-b17-titanium-saddle/
  17. I'll be at the Port at 09:00 for a gentle run to the ferry.
  18. I plan on being out for a 30(ish) mile run his week, no particular route in mind and happy to choose one on the day based on the weather and who's there. I'm anticipating two new lady members, so it will be good to have a good turnout to meet them. Start 09:00 at Miller Street, Johnstone.
  19. Jane and I are planning on going on the tandem at our own speed, we'll not be at Amaretto but hope to meet up at the Bagel Basket.
  20. Thanks Iain, I was hoping to see it on the way off the ferry but it seems I'll have to do an extra few miles to see it.
  21. Seeing as I seem to be doing this run on my own, I'll aim to set off a bit earlier to catch an earlier ferry and see a bit more of the TT.
  22. I'm planning on going to watch the competitions on Bute, but do a few miles on the way via Hunters Quay and Colintriave. Leaving the Pullman in Kilmacolm at 09:00 to catch the 10:00 Western Ferry should get us to Bute in time to see the end of the 10 mile time trial and the afternoon APR & Novice races after a lunch stop in Rothesay. About 66 miles round trip from the Pullman, or 45 miles starting and finishing at McInroy's Point. Company welcome, please post if you are planning on joining in.
  23. Seeing as we don't have any competitors I'm staying at home in the morning.
  24. I'll not ride this but will come along and help out with timekeeping and / or cheering as required.