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  1. Well done Gerard, your turn to post a photo now....
  2. So for anyone wondering where Iain's photo was, it's Corsliehill Road: https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@55.8903064,-4.5710686,128m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en&authuser=0 And here's a new one:
  3. Well done Iain, It's you to post now, but I'm wondering where George's picture is.
  4. Here's a new one that may be more obscure:
  5. Lots of people seem to know where this is but have yet to get there.
  6. Gerard that may be easy to identify but if I'm right it's hard work to get there!
  7. Well done Paul. Stuart the coordinates are 55.823631,-4.585264 according to Google Maps between BoW, Howood and Kilbarchan.
  8. Here's a new one that Charlie might get!
  9. I've just reread the rules: 'whoever posts the photo first wins' so a race is on to post the photo!
  10. I know that one, but I'll not be out for a while.
  11. I don't recognize the gate, can we know where it is?
  12. Well done Iain, now to work out where the gate is.....
  13. You must be nearly home now Iain, when you get the picture up you'll be it! I'm looking forward to seeing the new challenge.
  14. Sorry John, no it's not on the Bridge of Weir side of Johnstone, but it is on the route of the Moscow reliability but within 10km of the club rooms. For reference here's a link to the Moscow route: http://www.mapmyride.com/gb/elderslie-sct/reliability-no-2-moscow-route-1787383 I'll post another clue in 24Hrs if no one has got it.
  15. That looks like the end of Torr Road John, but that's not where I took the photo! Keep hunting. 🚴
  16. Ian C. I hope you still have time to get out and explore. Ian McT. I've just checked the location on Streetview and it's there but somehow looks a little different: the photo is a little earlier in the season, and the viewpoint is different. If i didn't know better I could mistake them as being different. But it's a road used regularly on club runs.
  17. I'll be along for this, I need to try and build up some miles.
  18. I'll come and join you on this one Dave, a gentle, local start to the year!
  19. I'm looking to get out at an easier pace than the fast bunch, but flexible on the route. 09:30 at the club room, please post if you're planning to be there or I may do something else!
  20. Thanks for posting the ride Anthony, and organising the sunshine! It was good to get out for some exercise and see a few faces I've not seen for a while, it was a shame Peter couldn't make it but we can look forward to meeting up another time.