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  1. I'm looking to get out at an easier pace than the fast bunch, but flexible on the route. 09:30 at the club room, please post if you're planning to be there or I may do something else!
  2. Thanks for posting the ride Anthony, and organising the sunshine! It was good to get out for some exercise and see a few faces I've not seen for a while, it was a shame Peter couldn't make it but we can look forward to meeting up another time.
  3. Sounds good to me Anthony, I'm happy to go to Largs or elsewhere so long as there's a cafe! See you in the morning.
  4. I've just been out to get a few supplies to cook on the fire. I will be setting off from Kilmacolm at 09:00 for a gentle ride to the ferry, happy to meet anyone who wants to at the Pullman (now renamed 'Carriages').
  5. I'll join you on this one, see you at 09:15.
  6. Ian, I think Jane has other commitments next year! 😏
  7. An alternative to Al's route is to take the Kilberry road out of Tarbert taking a western loop to Ardrishaig, on a good day the views over to Islay and Jura are stunning, but on a bad one it would be exposed to whatever westerly weather is on offer. In theory both options can be done but that makes for a long day, about 180 miles. I would be happy with any route so long as it is meaningfully shorter than the 180 mile one.
  8. I'm interested Charlie, but will need to reorganize life a bit to fit it in - I'll see what I can do.
  9. Ok so if we meet at Miller St. at 9:00 and head off on the track to Kilburnie, then over the Hailie Brae we might get our coffee at the Bagel Basket before they arrive! We could then return either via Brisbane Glen or Fairlie Moor.
  10. Is there any interest in an Intermediate run this week? I don't mind where we go to - so long as there's a cafe!
  11. Thanks Chung, that looks like a plan - but I'll watch out for a post nearer the time. I didn't read your post carefully enough and was thinking the race was on tomorrow!
  12. I'm interested in this Chung, what timings, etc. are involved?
  13. Two of us are meeting at the Pullman at 9:30 tomorrow for a few miles, planning to go to Dunlop Dairy for coffee. Around 40 miles, more company would be welcome.
  14. Thanks for posting this ride Elaine, it turned out to be a good day out, with teaming with the fast bunch nine of us went over the crow and enjoyed a cafe stop afterwards. Only one shower in a mainly dry day. I'm looking forward to more Intermediate rides over the season.
  15. One of my favorite routes, I'll meet you at the bridge at 9:30.
  16. I've added this one to my plans - and hope the weather meets expectations.
  17. For me keeping up with the fast bunch is to fast for my Etape preparation, so I will be starting off with the 30 milers and might add some extra after a café stop to make an intermediate distance.
  18. I'm tapering for the Etape du Dales next weekend so don't fancy trying to keep up with the main bunch going north, but would be happy to join you and go south to Dunlop / Stewarton / Dalgarven. Might do some extra miles after a café stop.
  19. Count me in for this one, any ideas for a route and a café stop?
  20. I'll come along and help. Alan, if you want to ride Stuart and I could do the officiating?
  21. Great, James MacLaren will probably be there too, so that makes 6 of us so far, should be a good ride.
  22. On Saturday I'm planning on doing: Erskine Bridge, Glen Fruin, Arochar, Rest and be Thankful, Hells Glen, Glendaruel, Loch Tarsan, Hunters Quay ferry and home. About 110 miles, 8:00 from Kilmacolm or 8:40 from the bridge. Probably intermediate rather than main bunch pace, but it would be great to have company.
  23. I'll join this run and see how I last - the civilised start time and coffee stop make it sound attractive!
  24. I'll come along for this one, and may take a different route home to add some extra miles.
  25. GrahamF

    Friday 5th April

    This sounds like a good plan Alan, I'll see you at 9:15 on Friday.