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  1. Hope to be out, weather permitting of course! Don't have fast legs and not convinced my bike will stay together after my maintenance!
  2. Marc

    Arran Challenge

    Keeping an eye on this. Can't think of a reason not to at the moment. Need to check with the other half.
  3. I'm in. Sad as it might be, I've cancelled my night out tonight to take part in the SA epic!
  4. Great turnout tonight! Nice to see some new faces and some not so new. Alan I paid you £3 at sign on. I heard through the grapevine that a certain Mr Archibald had started a just giving page to get his new bike repaired...I'm not saying he never paid but...
  5. Great to see so many out tonight. Top night for it. Can't recommend the Thursday night bunch enough, get out early season and get those legs going. An added bonus of Ian Archibald having peaked in January once again, get out and see him getting dropped on the GT. A sight to behold! M
  6. Marc

    FLANDERS 2019

    Good luck guys! Have a good one!!
  7. Should be ok for me! Nice and easy remember!
  8. Can't make it this week, babysitting! Hopefully be out next week.
  9. Count me in Galeb. It's been a long winter, don't judge me!
  10. Ian, the CTT Facebook page is usually the best bet. They're general pretty swift at posting the results.
  11. Marc

    Forum Upgrade

    Life in the old dog yet Darryl!
  12. What is it they say? If you can't go fast, look fast... Smart kit xxx Tough couple of hours, I knew it was going to be bad when I walked in and the cancelled Gifford race guys were all there.
  13. Booked in for DST on Tuesday also, 1 space Ieft if anyone's interested.
  14. Frustrating...I've been looking out for this all week, when it never appeared i decided I'd go out Sunday and Friday would be wine night. Against my better judgement I've now booked both also. See you there!