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  1. enjoyed that Chung, thanks for posting
  2. hey dude, get radical and join the gravel gang😆 was good to see you on Sunday Billy. glad the recovery is going well
  3. lets get that bike dirty, you out tomorrow?
  4. Meeting tomorrow at club rooms 09:30 for some off-road gravel adventure. 50-60 miles and hope to see some bodies out Cheers
  5. entry open now Paul. Ramsey think there are few wheelers and jets going over. if I get accepted I'll be doing the 177kms
  6. Meeting 09:00AM Erskine Garden Centre. Drive to Arrochar car park for off road gravel to Loch Sloy. Post up if interested
  7. date change for the JWCC Night out Friday 19th Nov. now changed to Friday 12th Nov 19:30 Amaretto
  8. Meeting on the track at Amaretto Bridge of Weir 08:30AM Sunday 7th Nov for a ride down to Gourock to catch 10:00 AM ferry. Off road Gravel Ride round Loch Eck and then back for the Drum up. Gravel and Mountain bikes all welcomed
  9. Hi Billy sorry mate tend to post on whats app, will start posting runs up again on here. Hope you mending well
  10. Please note that the night out has now been changed to Friday 12th November 19:30 Hopefully now that we are over the worst of the Pandemic, have booked a night out at Amaretto BOW for 19:30 Friday 19th November. All JWCC members and friends welcome where I am sure there will be tall tales of cycling glories during 2020-21. Pizza and food available to order on the night and for all you athletes, liquids only 😆 Hope to see as many JWCC members as possible and if you can post up and let me know if you intend to join, I can let Amaretto know numbers. See you all on the 12th Nov
  11. Hope to be out Sunday guys, see you at 09:30 at BOW
  12. Hi guys Kilcreggan loop on Sunday. 09:00 club rooms or 09:40 Erskine Bridge. Clock wise round the Gare Loch, lunch at Kilcreggan then great climb up Peaton road.
  13. Hi Billy hope you're healing well as I missed your😆 If I am honest I prefer that side of the water, less traffic and more climbing. That said I think we're due an Ayrshire Alps before the weather closes in or George's suggestion of Golf Ball Climb. Why don't you come over for the Rothesay weekend, as you can shout abuse(encouragement) to me and my fellow wheelers👍
  14. Clubs rooms 09:00, Erskine Bridge 09:40. Alexandria, Glen Friun, Glen Douglas, MOD road to Kilcreggan, back round the coast to Helensburgh, then either Sinclair street or Cardross Climb then home. Around 80ish miles, loads of climbing and bail out places, so bring your climbing legs. Weather looks good for Sunday
  15. Hope to Make it Colin will know later this week
  16. can all who were out yesterday please send me their name and mobile to 07881 368916. man thanks Was indeed a great run out Alan and thanks again for the Beer and Frites, brough back memories on Oudenaarde
  17. New meeting times for Sunday 08:30 Clubrooms 09:00 Erskine Bridge Looking at Kilkreggan loop on Sunday. Meet Clubs rooms 09:00 or Erskine Bridge 09:30. Please post up if interested, as we still need to record names and phone numbers
  18. Trek Domane 5.2 for sale. Few Scratches to the frame but generally in good condition. Full service last week, cables, brake pads, rear wheel bearing all replaced and new bar tape. Shimano Ultegra with 11-32 cassette. PM if interested
  19. Good luck Mark and hope you get sorted. Hope to see you out soon
  20. Hi Mark try a pal of mine called Alan Flemming 07753 610712 not sure how busy he is though
  21. Iain67


    Hi Davie B, was so sorry to hear this news and always seems to happen to life's goods guys. I have some great memories riding with you pal as you were always one to hang back and offer a word of encouragement when I was dropped by the bunch (A regular event). Have some great memories of Marmotte, Flanders and Liege and all the rides we did in Scotland over the years. Even remember you fixing a broken chain to get me home. God bless pal and hope the treatment goes well. Hope to see you back out on the road and sending you best wishes Iain C