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Club Run #1, 2nd February, Tour of Renfrewshire

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The first of the 2020  rides on the reliability routes, the Tour of Renfrewshire, 40 miles and only slightly lumpy, is on Sunday 2nd February, as advertised on Strava.

All rides will leave from clubrooms on Miller Street.

Can we have a keyholder available to open the clubrooms prior to the first bunch leaving.

As normal, there will be three bunches with the slower bunch leaving at 9:00am, the second bunch leaving at 9:30am and the fastest bunch at 9:45am.

The route is Clubhouse, Georgetown, Erskine, Bishopton, West Ferry, Clune, The Wall, Lochwinnoch road, then cut off to Howwood and back along the Beith Road. It would be helpful if there was someone in every group who knows the route.


As always, donations of soup, cakes, 5 course banquets with choices of fine wines will be gratefully accepted. Such donations will be served in the clubrooms at the end of the ride, please indicate what you will be bringing in your posting. One contribution per person across the 4 weeks of Reliability rides will mean a hearty snack for all at the end of each ride.

Can we have a non riding volunteer please to heat the soup, etc. for this first week.

If you don't feel ready for the full 40 miles at this stage in the season, don't worry there will be others in the same boat and there are various shorter options available. Just come along and work up an appetite for the soup!


I will plan to join the first group out.

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4 individuals turned up for this ride. Iain Couttie, Greg Balden, Glen Irving and myself. 2 of that 4 fell off negotiating the puddle at the club gate, and Glen suffered a mechanical that saw him soft pedal home again, so three got as far as Bishopton before Greg and myself decided that enough was enough. Hard man Couttie continued on along OGR rather than Westferry, and no idea where he went after that. Very wet and very cold, but glad to get out. Even more glad to get home and heated up though.

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1 hour ago, iain couttie said:

I suffered the broken chain curse a couple of miles from lochwinnoch. Managed to freewheel to clohodric stone and push and walk home. Was a sorry sight when I got in. Frozen and grumpy. Annoyed I didn’t manage the complete rout.

Top marks couttie, even after going swimming, carrying on, then breaking a chain. Chapeau!! 

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