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  1. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 13th Jan : local

    I'm going to give it a miss this morning.
  2. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 13th Jan : local

    Weather permitting, I should be there. But I will be a bit time limited, so may have to take a shortcut home before the end of the run.
  3. BoydJohnston

    Spied a Wheeler

    Graham - at Bridge of Weir, heading west. Couldn't stop - had a dental appointment to get to.
  4. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 6th Jan :Eglington Country Park

    Hope to be there.
  5. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 30th Dec

    I'm going to try to be at the club for a 9:30 start. However, we will have 4 weans overnight while their parents attend a 40th birthday party, so it might be difficult to get away and I may not make it.
  6. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 23rd Dec:Dunlop Dairy 3rd try

    I'll be there if I can, but I've got family staying over so if I'm not there by 9:30, don't wait for me. Maybe if they're up early and I get up early with them to dish out breakfast I might be able to slip out unnoticed.
  7. BoydJohnston

    Boxing Day club run

    Good idea, but I can't make it - too many family either staying or coming over for Boxing Day.
  8. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 16th Dec : Local Villages

    Good run today. Alan's wheel and the shelter behind his muscular frame were a great benefit and justified his cafe stop. After being fairly cautious all day, I managed to hit black ice at the Phoenix roundabout on the run down from Elderslie and went through the roundabout on my a**e rather than two wheels. Not enough damage to persuade the wife to help me out in the shower, though .
  9. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 16th Dec : Local Villages

    I should be there as long as the weather is not too bad. I've got cleats fitted to the wellies in case it's wet.
  10. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 2nd Dec : Dunlop Dairy

    I should be there, weather permitting.
  11. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 25th Nov:local villages

    Good run today - a not too cold wander round Renfrewshire., with a coffee stop at Castle Semple, ably led by Captain Dave, with Martin, Carol Murray, Linda and myself.
  12. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 25th Nov:local villages

    Looks like cool and dry tomorrow, and about 5deg, with a light ENE wind, so ice is unlikely.
  13. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 25th Nov:local villages

    No grandweans this week-end, so cycling is on the agenda. I should be at Miller St for 9:15.
  14. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 18th

    I've got family staying over and plans for a celebration brunch on Sunday, so I'll try to get out for a short run early on. Enjoy the drum-up.