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  1. BoydJohnston

    Anyone out tomorrow?

    Can't make it - got family staying overnight.
  2. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    Bit of a lonely ride for me and Dave after Langbank - but a good excuse for coffee and cake in the Bagel Basket before hitting the Haylie. Got back just as Alan was clearing up and managed to nab a couple of bits of cake. Well done to Alan for all the hard work.
  3. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 24th Feb Reliability Run #4

    It's likely that I'll be following the Jets - from a distance. Hoping to hang onto them until Largs, because there's no way I'll stay with them up the Haylie Brae.
  4. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 17th Reliability #3 Sinclair Street

    I've got family staying over, so I may not be there. 9am if I can make it.
  5. BoydJohnston

    Sunday Feb 10th Reliability #2 Moscow Revolution

    At this early stage, I hope to be there for 9am - as long as the weather is not too bad.
  6. BoydJohnston

    Reliability Run 1, Sunday 3rd Feb Tour Of Renfrewshire

    I'm also in Liverpool this week-end for my granddaughter's birthday. Just as well, based on Sunday's run, as I think I'd need an 8:30 start - or for some of last Sunday's so-called 30-milers to go back to where they belong.
  7. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 27th January

    I should be there.
  8. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 20th January

    Great run today - good to see so many out. Managed to just about keep up most of the time and plenty of helpful wheels to hang onto.
  9. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 20th January

    Don't know if I'll make it - family staying over. Don't wait if I'm not there for 9:30.
  10. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 13th Jan : local

    I'm going to give it a miss this morning.
  11. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 13th Jan : local

    Weather permitting, I should be there. But I will be a bit time limited, so may have to take a shortcut home before the end of the run.
  12. BoydJohnston

    Spied a Wheeler

    Graham - at Bridge of Weir, heading west. Couldn't stop - had a dental appointment to get to.
  13. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 6th Jan :Eglington Country Park

    Hope to be there.
  14. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 30th Dec

    I'm going to try to be at the club for a 9:30 start. However, we will have 4 weans overnight while their parents attend a 40th birthday party, so it might be difficult to get away and I may not make it.
  15. BoydJohnston

    Sunday 23rd Dec:Dunlop Dairy 3rd try

    I'll be there if I can, but I've got family staying over so if I'm not there by 9:30, don't wait for me. Maybe if they're up early and I get up early with them to dish out breakfast I might be able to slip out unnoticed.