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  1. Babysitting in Bathgate tomorrow. Will probably cycle through there. Hope to make it next week.
  2. There's Willie Bain in Pollockshaws Road - bicyclerepair.co.uk. He does repairs to Campag levers.
  3. I hope to be out, but I'll probably meet at the top of the Bowfield climb, rather than going to the Miller St. Don't wait if I'm not there.
  4. I'll not be at the clubrooms, but I might meet up with you at some point - maybe at the dairy.
  5. Can't make it - got family staying overnight.
  6. Bit of a lonely ride for me and Dave after Langbank - but a good excuse for coffee and cake in the Bagel Basket before hitting the Haylie. Got back just as Alan was clearing up and managed to nab a couple of bits of cake. Well done to Alan for all the hard work.
  7. It's likely that I'll be following the Jets - from a distance. Hoping to hang onto them until Largs, because there's no way I'll stay with them up the Haylie Brae.
  8. I've got family staying over, so I may not be there. 9am if I can make it.
  9. At this early stage, I hope to be there for 9am - as long as the weather is not too bad.
  10. I'm also in Liverpool this week-end for my granddaughter's birthday. Just as well, based on Sunday's run, as I think I'd need an 8:30 start - or for some of last Sunday's so-called 30-milers to go back to where they belong.
  11. Great run today - good to see so many out. Managed to just about keep up most of the time and plenty of helpful wheels to hang onto.
  12. Don't know if I'll make it - family staying over. Don't wait if I'm not there for 9:30.