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  1. I know it, but wont be out ill tomorrow
  2. Who said this would be of more interest to the jets?
  3. Did I only go out to play this? Absolutely!! Here is the next one
  4. Do we have an honesty policy for not checking the rides on strava for clues?
  5. My tiny living room has become my office, no turbo room
  6. Thats an extra 2 pints tonight then
  7. Is this looking likely to go ahead? we might attract a crowd of over 500...
  8. Does it look like we will have the numbers for this?
  9. Ill be at the club house 18:30 - 20:00 tomorrow (tuesday) if anyone would like to come and collect their hoody
  10. If anyone is planning on coming on Saturday, can you give me a buzz on 07557533811 just to check ive not gone out, cheers
  11. If anybody would like to get their hoody at the club house on Sunday before/ after the reliability can you comment here and I will drop them into the clubhouse on Saturday. Cheers
  12. Hi All, I will be in tonight between 6 and 10 if that suits anybody
  13. Ill be out after 15:30 on Saturday but should be home all day before then
  14. Cheers Gerard, I'm busy he next few nights but I could sort something on Saturday for people to collect.
  15. Wont be there tomorrow but ill think we will be next week
  16. My address is 0/1 41 Lowbarholm Kilbarchan Pa10 2ES I will be in between 20:30 and 22:00 tonight if anyone wants to collect, just give me shout.