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  1. Great to be back out with the JWCC...great route and company. Absolutely burst after 66 hilly miles but loved it. Cheers guys
  2. Good to see everyone again... was a struggle though. Burst
  3. Hi Glen Just catching up with this thread, I have forwarded on some pictures of Alex to Ian McT who is far more capable of getting them sent to you in the right format. Unfortunately I fly out to Portugal on Thursday morning and will not be able to attend the funeral. Devastated that I won't be in attendance but please pass on my condolences to Anne and family. Regards Alan
  4. Absolutely gutted to hear the news this morning. Was literally talking to Alex last night about a meet in largs for a coffee, us on the bike and him on his moter bike. He opted for the car however, but was in good spirits and keen to meet up, which make this news all the harder to take in. A great guy always up for a hard session either on the bike or in the pub, he will be sorely missed.
  5. Well done everyone and Robbie on back to back wins 🚲ðŸ‘
  6. Thanks guys,really enjoyed that. Got home in pitch darkness and going up the formakine climb I could hear an owl, only for it to appear and fly alongside me until bishopton weather station..pretty cool. Think it was a barn owl. Good effort Charlie (as always,100% given) ðŸ‘
  7. Well done to Marc and to Gerard who smashed a certain Archibald on the course today.. when telling the story leave out what Archibald it was you beat...makes it sound a hole lot better 🤣🤣🤣
  8. Don't know how iv missed this...been avoiding the TT section obviously. Kenny do you need me to Marshall Sunday?
  9. Makes you seem weak 😉
  10. No..bikes in storage and I'm not fit enough, also training for the Glasgow half marathon so will have my big run ðŸƒâ€â™‚ï¸ at the weekend but typically have a groin and Achilles strain from this weekend's run 😭🤤 ....hopefully I'll be down to cheer you lot on. Last year Ross Tool and his boy with the cattle bell was a welcome sight 🔔
  11. I did both last year James and have to agree with Billy, the short effort on the Saturday helped open the legs for the 25 on the Sunday. Good luck on what ever you decide
  12. Well done Gerard and alpine 🚲🚲
  13. Burst is an understatement...im totally burst..but enjoyed it ... kinda