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Single Arran - Saturday 20th April

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Brilliant day thanks to gorgeous sunshine, well drilled team effort and lots of communication and encouragement to everyone. Thank you very much to team and to Paul for getting me back on.

lost my KoM anti-clockwise from Brodick to Marc K. Very well deserved as he put in massive and supremely well paced efforts all the way then bought us all cokes for the ferry! 



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I happened to be looking at the Hall of Fame, as you do, and noticed that 2015 was a truly vintage year with 7 new entrants to the SA Club. One never to be beaten you might think. I think otherwise.....

I reckon 2019 could beat that as we have 3 new entries already in April. So, to all the Officer Candidates out there, don't be shy on the training front, get a few good high tempo 60 milers under your belt and voila!  the annual inductee record to the Hall of Fame can be beaten :)   

You know you want to. You know it will be the best thing you ever do on a bike. You know this is you purpose in life and you will forever glow in the memory. Your mission on earth will be complete. Next slot probably mid May   :banana

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