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Motion for CTT AGM

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This on Facebook today; do we support the motion?


Could everyone please ask their club secretary (or someone on behalf of each club) to email their clubs vote in support of this proposal to the CTT Scotland District Secretary  

[email protected] 

A simple email saying  "We support the the Velopreda proposal to keep crash hats compulsory for all TTs in Scotland" 

CTT Scotland AGM 2018

Proposal: From Velopreda.

That all events promoted under the auspices of CTT Scotland District will have a compulsory crash helmet rule in line with that currently in force by British Cycling and the UCI.  As local District regulations cannot override CTT National regulations  it will be implemented in Scotland by means of a voluntary 'gentleman's agreement'  between clubs and riders.


1. We should not abandon a safety measure which has been successfully implemented in Scotland for over 25 years.

2. The recent trend towards removing helmets in hill climbs gives an unfair advantage to riders who are prepared to sacrifice safety over riders who are not. Keeping the Helmet rule in place will ensure a level playing field for everyone.

3 Riding without helmets in hill climbs could potentially lead to riders abandoning helmets in other TTs

4 The argument that helmets are not required in hill climbs is not a valid one – Helmets are designed and tested to protect against head impact injury resulting from a fall from a height of between 1 and 2 meters onto a pavement or kerb edge at a speed ranging from 0mph -15mph – exactly the type of speed a rider would be travelling at in a hill climb.

5 Regardless of the arguments surrounding helmet use we feel that abandoning a safety measure currently in place is a completely retrogressive step for Scottish time trialling and we hope the District will agree to pass this proposal.

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I wouldn't be writing this if it weren't for my helmet three years ago after a fall coming down Gleniffer Braes (pothole, out cold, broken elbow).  I vote Yes, regardless of if it's a hill climb competition or not.  :icon_yes

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I notice that the reply’s come from the hill climbers in the club, the only event that some one is likely to ride without a helmet are hill climbs, note that as an organiser it would be difficult to enforce under current CTT National rules , so though it’s a good idea in principle it will be extremely difficult to enforce and may if you tried to enforce it during a hill climb find that you would be in breech of CTT rules and therefore open to sanctions from national committee.

As I said it’s a good idea but maybe not workable, the reason hats are worn during TT are for the aero  gains , which as we all know is not important in hill climbs as weight is the key , currently there is no requirement for helmets under CTT , just thought you should have all the information especially if you are going to organise an event under CTT

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