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  1. stevie

    2019 cycling goals

    Learn to TT Possibly gain my cat 3? train for a 70.3
  2. stevie

    Derny Double Tuesday

    Managed to get shift covered only to find the session is now fully booked!
  3. stevie

    Track league 5th December

    I fell bad for never really knowing how Cedric has done other than ‘well’. I’m pretty sure he’s still top of the overall leaderboard unless the boy Kain’s bossing of the B group has bumped him to the top spot.
  4. stevie

    Track league 5th December

    Ah, just when I though I was starting to get the hang of it. Will need to double down on the Thursday kicking then!
  5. Have we a strong turnout for this week? Also, does anyone know what the winter break is?
  6. stevie

    Track 29th coach led.

    Hard session. Almost sick twice.
  7. stevie

    Track 29th coach led.

    Looks like it’s just me at this rate... when you back at TL jann?
  8. Anyone else doing the coach led (he who shall not be named) session tomorrow?
  9. stevie

    Track Derny Accreditation

    Not going to make it but will try and get it done another time so that I’m able to do the drop in sessions with the rest of the club.
  10. stevie

    Winter segment challenge

    Are these tied into a week or just released as and when and you can do them whenever.
  11. stevie

    Drop in plus Coached Session 22

    most likely
  12. stevie

    Motion for CTT AGM

  13. stevie

    15 Drop In & Coached Workout

    Booked the coach led.
  14. stevie

    15 Drop In & Coached Workout

    I'll probably just do one - would it be better to do the drop in or the W/O?