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  1. stevie

    track league 20 Feb

    I remembered!
  2. stevie

    Track league 6 February

    Good to somewhat redeem myself after a poor display last week. Billy - Get booked in - 4 weeks left!
  3. stevie

    Track Sat 26th?

    Working unfortunately.
  4. stevie

    Track league 16 January

    Already entered the c’s. Good luck in the Bs and I’ll maybe make the jump the week after.
  5. stevie

    Endless film and TV bike criticism thread

    You can pretty much find anything on youtube. I particularly like the Mitchelton-scott videos. They do a wee video on every stage (I recently went back and watched all the giro and Veulta ones).
  6. stevie

    Track league 16 January

    I also missed it but have booked the next two weeks after. Maybe worth a couple sessions before hand to try find the legs - do we still do the Thursdays?
  7. stevie

    Super Saturday

    Well done guys.
  8. stevie

    Super Saturday

    Might come down and watch but my back is shot so no racing for me.
  9. stevie

    Super Saturday

    Anyone else riding the super Saturday. I’ve got a start but currently not 100% so might not make it. Stevie
  10. Planet X Track bike for sale. Small frame. Non Planet X fork (with brake mount) Black/carbon. Navigator pista wheel set (de stickered like the cool kids) Brand new Conti Sprinter Tubs. deda stem and 38cm bars. No crankset or saddle. I've had the bottom bracket shell pinned By the Carbon repair guy over in Alloa. £200 - Tubs cost 50 quid each alone.
  11. stevie

    Super Saturday 12th January

    Entered the C's
  12. stevie

    Track Saturday

  13. stevie

    Super Saturday 12th January

    I’ll probably enter this.