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  1. Done - If someone could let me back into the parts of the forum I can't see that would be grand ta.
  2. Training for next year starts now. (or as soon as I heal this sprung Clavicle - Mountain bikes are dangerous)
  3. Entered - Hope to find some form for the last race.
  4. Helping a friend move house so out unfortunately
  5. I also wasn't feeling great so decided against it. Will Enter next week.
  6. I have a set of Navigator Pista Tubular rims that are taking up space and I have no use for. (no tubs fitted) Happy to give them away - either to a Jet directly or if the club can make use.
  7. Good to somewhat redeem myself after a poor display last week. Billy - Get booked in - 4 weeks left!
  8. Already entered the c’s. Good luck in the Bs and I’ll maybe make the jump the week after.
  9. You can pretty much find anything on youtube. I particularly like the Mitchelton-scott videos. They do a wee video on every stage (I recently went back and watched all the giro and Veulta ones).
  10. I also missed it but have booked the next two weeks after. Maybe worth a couple sessions before hand to try find the legs - do we still do the Thursdays?