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  1. Hey You would like to start the festive season in a nice way?? I am organising a wee event before to leave at the bar the Avant-Garde in Glasgow, 7pm on Thursday the 12th. See you all there, Cédric
  2. Hi Paul, If that's okay I'm gonna buy the 52t track chainring. I will collect it this Friday. Cheers, Cedric
  3. Hi Fiona, I appreciate the notice, but unfortunately it's too big. Cheers, Cedric
  4. Hi everybody, I've got a friend who is 5"3 who would like to buy a track bike... any of you with a frame/bike to let? Cheers, Cedric
  5. Do not hesitate, if you've got questions. Please, prefer by messaging on fb or text.
  6. Hi all, I've got a saddle specialized Toupe, size 130 to sell. I bought it this summer but used it only for 100kms before to realise it wasn't made for me. I know that lots of riders are happy with this one in particular. With it carbon rails, it is one of the lightest and most comfortable saddle of its range. As it's new, 120£ and it's yours. Cheers, Cedric
  7. Hi all, I've got a box for bike that I need to get rid off it before to leave Glasgow. 50£ and it's yours. There is one wheel missing, and a second one which is about to fall too, but that can be fixed if you're manual. It has been well used for the last 2,5 years, with a dozens of returns. Nothing broken so far, as long as things are properly installed in it. I've already used it to transport 2 bikes with their respective wheelsets. In that case we are around 30kgs and it's hard to fit anything else from a weight point of view. With only one bike, I was never carrying another suitcase as I could fit 2 pairs of wheels in it, pumps, and personal clothes... etc! Very versatile, you can use it not only for bikes of course! It fits under the international dimensions and behave as a cartoon for bikes, in better. I can deliver it as it is voluminous. Otherwise, personally to get to the airport I was always ordering estate cabs and never had any trouble (except bothering the driver 😜 , and giving a wee extra tip for the help). Do not hesitate if you've got any question to drop me a message (preferentially, on fb or by text).
  8. Is the meeting point at 12.30 still maintained? I may join you if the weather is Ok (and my legs)
  9. 8h30 at Erskine Bridge, isn’t it? See you there
  10. Hey Just to let you know that I am afraid I won't make it on Sunday if the weather doesn't get better. It's too risky for me. Hopefully, it will get better...
  11. Might be in too! I am considering doing a 6hrs ride on Saturday too, if any of you wants to accumulate a wee bit
  12. Nice, enjoy Tenerife! Will post pictures then ! I found the route quite unusual, with very nice roads!! But as you may know, Scientist are not familiar with creativity haha ! Will try to do better next time for sure
  13. Actually you are right Glen! I've Just realized it...