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  1. I have 2 - 12 - 27 and 12 - 28. One is a campag, the other is an Ambrosio campag sizing on a Shimano wheel.
  2. Will check tonight and see what ratio my spare is.
  3. I have a 10 speed cassette on my spare wheel, think it might be a 12-27. I can check if you still need one.
  4. 10 I think. Yes, Elaine & Jane took some photos.
  5. Also interested in the touring part but prefer to stay in b&b or hotel.
  6. Jannza


    Yes, I think it was. I've deleted some messages.
  7. Jannza


    I'm also happy to help.
  8. Ah, just checking as the bus stop is being moved.
  9. Is the bus stop in BoW one of the sprints?
  10. Jannza

    Spied a Wheeler

    3 in Kilmacolm this morning, I was just going passed Pullman as they went along road.
  11. FYI pedal the park is on tomorrow. Might be busy on part of your route.
  12. What colour jersey you riding in? I don't start till 6:45 so you will probably be finished before me.
  13. Jannza


    I'm using Halfords bike hut stuff just now. Will find out how good it is when I try to swap my pedals back on Monday. The Shimano anti seize stuff is fab but I couldn't buy it locally when I needed it.
  14. Scores on the doors on a breezy evening Alan T - 25:01 Jess - 25:46 PB Scott - 24:17 Stuart - 23:48 PB Ian - 22:18 Star guest - 20:54
  15. Amended timetable on Sat with additional sailings. Does this impact your plan? Saturday 20th April Departing Ardrossan – 0820, 1105, 1350, 1640 & 2200 Departing Brodick – 0700, 0945, 1230, 1515 & 1800
  16. Changing, repairing a chain.
  17. Did you find someone? My friends wee brother is a plasterer.
  18. Seems to be an issue with those 2 GIFs, it's not you
  19. Jannza

    Spied a Wheeler

    Jet + Dad/coach, someone with a Wheelers gilet on at Morrisons lights, met Rita & John in cafe. And Alan McL on track.
  20. Maybe. Not sure if I can do both. What time are the first riders likely to be back - 12:00, 12:30, 13:00 ?
  21. Anyone ridden this one? One of my friends has entered and roped me in
  22. Jannza

    Spied a Wheeler

    Robbie + 2 going through Port Glasgow this morning.