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    George reacted to AlanT in 25/07/21 Galston Leg Bender   
    Turned out I wasn’t up for that, but glad to get out for the alternative route just the same.
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    George reacted to Franco in 25/07/21 Galston Leg Bender   
    I’m up for that George👍🏻
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    George reacted to ginty001 in 25/07/21 Galston Leg Bender   
    Tha Galston Leg bender sounds a bit much for me given my lack of cycling over the past month, so I'm gonna head to Aberfoyle and back with Tom whose in the same boat, 60 miles from the bridge to bridge, relatively tame pace.. Youse are more than welcome to join if you feel like an easier ride... Sorry, not meaning to hijack, just dont think ive got a hard day in my legs.. 
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    George reacted to P McDonald in Saturday 26/06/21   
    Just to add to the colourful debate  - it was Jan who dreamt up this one a good few years ago - big day out. As you can see on his Strava link we did the Mennock pass from the South which I reckon is best as psychologically you are a bit closer to home after the descent. Café stop at top of Mennock was very nice. I reckon when you get to Dungavel returning via Galston is best bet (don't listen to Archibald and his Eaglesham ) for simple reason roads are known and by that time you are thinking shortest way home !
    Second café stop in Muirkirk always an option at the Greasy Spoon - home of the chicken burger. When we did it we didn't have a 2nd stop but did raid a supermarket in Darvel for as much chocolate and biscuits as we could eat.
    Have fun
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    George reacted to thejanullrichdietplan in Ride with Pippa York Tuesday 8th June   
    Good turnout today for the mural unveiling - after that a ride over the Crow and then a loop through Killearn and Strathblane and back to the start. 
    I’d like the record to state i was joint first to the top of the Crow - beating everyone else including the former Tour de France polka dot jersey winner in the process. A show of strength from Scotlands premier cycling club to the watching media.....I may have started 5 minutes before everyone else but it still counts 🤣

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    George reacted to KennyS in Davie Bell road race?   
    Explicit instruction not to bring your ‘good wheels’ 😂
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    George reacted to Scott M in League of 10 #2, 1st June   
    I will be along and don't mind time timekeeping .
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    George reacted to Darryl Gunson in New midweek training ride   
    Hi folks
    Every Thursday (starting this week 3rd June) will see the return of our very popular ‘sewing bee’ ride. This is a brisk ride towards Stewarton, returning via Neilston. This is a ‘training ride’ but a bit more sedate than the Thursday Renfrew Bunch.
    The emphasis will be on travelling efficiently and safely in a bunch. This run is aimed at established club riders and fit new members who would like a good bike workout with like minded folk.  Rider safety will be paramount, and no one will be left behind.
    The depart is 6.30 from the club rooms (6.35 at Morrison’s on the cycle track)
    I would very much appreciate if we could have a show of hands for this, so I have some idea in advance of numbers.
    All the best
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    George reacted to stuart10ant in Pat on the back time   
    Ahh that was myself and my Uncle (a dirty LRCC rider) 
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    George reacted to martin in Pat on the back time   
    Received this message to our FB account this evening. Well done to the two "incredibly lovely, considerate and polite" riders, whoever you are.
    Warm glow all round. 

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    George reacted to Gerard Deeley in Chocolate series #2 25th May   
    We did meet up after all, neither of us wanted the newer guys to wait if they did turn up.  We had to self time so we can only be cheating on ourselves if not accurate enough.
    Scott 18m34s
    Gerard 18m28s
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    George reacted to Kenny MacDonald in Davie Bell road race?   
    Herdys Hell , now that was a classic gravel race before they were invented 
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    George reacted to Darryl Gunson in Davie Bell road race?   
    I was on Corima carbon with 21mm tubs. Bad choice for this race - crap braking and far too flexible front wheel.
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    George reacted to Kenny MacDonald in Davie Bell road race?   
    Remember riding this in early 80s  Robert Millar won it from Drew Brunton in what would have been a photo finish these days  . They escaped at heads of Ayr when a horse unseated its rider and split race apart . I was in the break chasing and when we were coming down the  Nick of Balloch John Clanky Clark was descending like a demon we overtook the motorcycle marshals who couldn't keep ahead of us on the bends . Remember a hairpin bend with a bridge and my bars scraping the wall as we came round as my back wheel skidded on loose gravel . Cracking race with some tough climbs .  Ivy had Clanky , Ian Thomson , Davie Whitehall and Jim Mcmanus who took it in turns to attack break  all the way in from the NIck  .  Managed to get a 6th place on my first time riding it .
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    George reacted to stuart10ant in Social/ ladies rides,   
    My better half has just got a road bike but is quite nervous about being on the roads herself and doesn't know the area too well, she is keen to try the women's rides.
    She will happily do 30 miles at about 12/12.5 mph and is keen to get faster and go further.
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    George reacted to Darryl Gunson in Social/ ladies rides,   
    Hi Alan
    I intend to start up Wednesday social rides as soon as I am able (currently sick). 
    We have already done one- with 3 participants in poor weather.
    These will be a max of 30 miles at a very social pace. All welcome, but not gender specific. If there is a demand for a women only ride then obviously another ride leader will be required.
    If others wish to get this going - as I’m  not sure how long I’ll be off the bike - then by all means crack  on!
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    George reacted to Richard in League of 10 #2 - maybe.   
    I was going to ride tomorrow. It's only just come to my attention, sadly, that I'm not meant to leave Glasgow which is still in Level 3.
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    George reacted to Ian Archibald in The return of the Confined Events, Tuesday 11th May 6.45 for 7:00 start   
    We are in trouble McT. Ordered the latest hi tech skinsuit today. 10 day delivery. Reckon if we are going to beat Sam we better do it soon. Like last year probably.
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    George reacted to AlanT in Social/ ladies rides,   
    Is there any impetus to start these up again this year? I was approached by a young lady at Amaretto’s who expressed an interest in ladies only runs, and I said I’d post up the question.
  20. Haha
    George reacted to P McDonald in JWCC chaingang!   
    Just saw this, great memories, also made me think just how many decades I have been habbling down the Westferry 😁
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    George got a reaction from Darryl Gunson in The return of the Confined Events, Tuesday 11th May 6.45 for 7:00 start   
    I’ve managed to destroy the front brake on my TT bike. Waiting on Giant sending me a new one. Will ride if it turns up.
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    George reacted to EricL in Covid19 Update - wef Monday 26th April 2021   
    Great news for club organised riding from TOMORROW 
    Scottish Cycling has updated our Level 3 Guidance which comes into effect from Monday 26 April.
    Adults (18+) and Under 18s may travel locally or to another Level 3 area to take part in organised sport. Transiting through multiple Level 3 areas on a ride is permissible. Scottish Cycling strongly recommends a maximum group ride size of 9 for organised club group rides from unlimited households based on the retention of the physical distancing requirements from Level 4. Events for Adults in a Time Trial format may take place, with physical distancing before, during and after competition.   It is currently anticipated that the whole of Scotland will move to Level 2 on Monday 17th May. At this time, it is expected that we will see the requirement for Adults to maintain physical distancing during sport to be removed, and expect to see further changes regarding group sizes for Events. Further information to follow in the coming weeks.   The revised guidance document to follow is here 👇 https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/SC_Guidance_L3_A4_23.04.21.pdf 
    The Covid-19 Resource Hub is here to support ride organisers and leaders.      
  23. Haha
    George reacted to Darryl Gunson in JWCC chaingang!   
    Proto-type SRAM 12 sp. Bison ahead of the times.
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    George reacted to Darryl Gunson in JWCC chaingang!   
    Throwback Sunday 😅
    The original Thursday night chainy. See if you’re there or recognise anyone😅
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    George got a reaction from ginty001 in Spied a Wheeler   
    Saw Mike Ferguson today & yesterday. Good to see he’s out and about again 👍