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Georgetown cup

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This event is open on Cycling Time Trials website. We’ve done well in the in the past two years of the event taking place thanks to the efforts of a few bold riders ( you know who you are!) . Time to get another podium finish. Get your entries in.

I’ve entered in the Flying Scot category, so my time is unlikely to count towards a team finish, not that it would have counted anyway assuming enough of the fast boys sign up.

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Well done to the team for a third place today, not helped by drama before the start. As predicted, my own time didn’t count towards the finish, but I did have the prettiest bike of the wheelers. 

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Good turn out today - not the result we had hoped for with a couple of mishaps along the way like rubbing wheels and snapped stem bolts!

The overall time would have been good enough to win some years in the past - but not this year so congrats to VCGS on a well earned victory. Training starts for next year at the 2up on Tuesday ;)

Geo hope your new bike is ok - Cav maxed out at a mere 1600w in a sprint so clearly not putting the stem under as much stress as you do! :D



(I've got an extra medal for someone - not sure who is due one after missing presentation?)


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