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  1. yes should be there for the 9.45 group. Not sure how much I can help, just done 4 hard days back to back on the turbo and my legs are f**ked. Garmin also told me I need 3.5 days recovery 😁
  2. I am still going main roads are fine. Temp to lift so all will be good after 9.30/10
  3. Plan to be there if the jet lag is not to bad
  4. Entered just to get a kicking from you Ian ðŸĪŠ
  5. think we will have a good bunch tonight now the sun is out ☀ïļ
  6. Could meet at 6 At Houston and all head up the short cut. That should get most folk home for 7.40 - 7.50 but lights would be a must. Will be good to get one last mid week bunch in
  7. Anyone up for a run after the Georgetown Cup on Saturday? Meet at the bus stop Houston at 2PM? Gives everyone a chance to change from TT to road bike 😀
  8. I will get you some areo bars Galeb.
  9. We have 11 Wheelers entered so far. Remember last day for entry is tomorrow (Tuesday) 😀
  10. I am going to enter this do we have enough for a team of 8? Also closing date is the 27th so everyone needs to get this entered this weekend.
  11. Got my first race road race under Johnstone Wheeler's this weekend and need to either buy a top or borrow one. Looking for a medium and would be good if its the new colours. Can anyone sort me out?