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  1. Great day out in fine company from many clubs! Thanks to Geoff and Ian L (fire setter superb!) Fine JWCC representation and a sighting of Jamie McGahan (Glasgow Wheelers) standing quietly at the back of the fire! ( give it a Google or check out GWCC Hall of Fame). Iain
  2. All the best Ken and we'll see you when you get back. Mary and Iain.
  3. Superb effort and achievement from all riders, coaches & parents!! Iain
  4. Thanks to Emma Richard & Ian for letting us all ride - great efforts from Alan T /Gerard and all the Pbers Iain
  5. Super time and great effort from Alan McB to win the club event in testy conditions an earlier start would have been even quicker for sure! Equally notable efforts from from Kenny S & many members, to enable a second, hugely popular, open race in two weeks - well done all round! Iain
  6. Paul 10.15am should be ample time to sign on, pin a number on and warm up Cu in the morning. Iain
  7. Thanks indeed to Graham for time keeping and well done to all on what turned out to be quite a cool night. Iain
  8. Great effort Chung - meticulous research and preparation, resulting in a fine race too Really enjoyed my first effort at driving a race vehicle - thanks for the opportunity! Glad to hear the young rider Stuart is not too badly off. Really heartening to see so many Wheelers out in support - fine job done all round. Iain
  9. Not looking to ride this year Kenny, so happy to Marshall. Mary can also help with tea room and/or sign on as suits. Iain
  10. Thanks for this Richard - more epic stuff from Mike! Proof, not that it's needed, that Mike is the real deal - a true tester, while some of us just play at it! He is not without previous heroics in this event. Last year we both rode the national 100 on the Alness course. I caught Mike for 2 minutes after about 17 miles - this is not in the normal scheme of things. As the race wore on, Mike continued to lose ground and it was clear something wasn't right. By the end Mike was miles down on his best and normal expectations. Typically he even refused the offer of a lift back to the strip after the finish. At the presentation and cup of tea afterwards, he did eventually concede that he had been having some discomfort throughout from his hip (the pronounced limp being something of a giveaway!). By the time the presentation was over, Mike could barely walk to the car. He had clearly been in real pain throughout, delivering a hugely brave and combative performance - for me the ride of the day, by a mile. In his position I would have climbed off hours earlier. Happily, the problem stemmed form an ill-suited new saddle, which was promptly sold and normal service quickly resumed! Iain
  11. Chung, Mary can help with sign on and I can drive or marshall as best suits. Iain
  12. Many thanks for this Ian - managed along to what proved a highly productive and efficient meeting (business concluded in 50 mins/nae mince!) Details of proposals for next year will emerge as work goes forward. Iain
  13. Chapeau Colin - mega effort and a great cause! Very happy to support the charity. I gather Mr Manson has plans to meet up with you for some of the last section of the route and I am keen to join you both and offer a wheel to sit on (not that you'll need it!) Iain
  14. Many thanks to Jane and Gerard for doing the needful. Commiserations to Alan on the puncture. Well done again to Richard for another cracking time and to all the PBers Iain