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Marmotte Pyrenees 26/08/18

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Billy & El Bison are riding this.


Plan is to fly Glasgow to Carcassone on the Saturday (Ryanair approx £180 with bike)


Hire car (price to be established) drive to start town of Argeles Gazost.


I’ve looked on Airbnb and am ready to book a house that’ll sleep 6. £393 between 6 of us. About £65 each.


Alex, I’m perfectly willing to let you pay more 😉


Fly back on Wednesday.


Entry to event also to be paid. Registration opens November. Demand won’t be as high as Marmotte Alps so should get a place ok.


So there is space for the first 4 people who confirm. Plenty of accommodation for late comers.


Rules are


1) pay any money you owe me for digs before we go or you are sleeping in a field

2) if someone buys you a drink you buy one back

3) I decide.


Please confirm ASAP so I can book.

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