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Seven weeks

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State of play:

Archie has spent all winter at various hot weather training camps so should hit the spring in peak form. However he has also spent the winter annoying everyone so every breakaway attempt will be chased down by eager volunteers.

Gregg is now a wheeler so will that mean everyone is racing for 2nd in the sprints?

Billy is knocking out 1200watts standing starts at the track...if he could just wait a bit longer to unleash that power with about 100m to go he could be a contender

Richie, Darryl and Paul are all flying and about to get faster again after their trip to Spain

Marc, at the start of the ride will be telling everyone how he not been doing much and is really unfit...but then over the next hour will rip everyones legs off

Charlie back in form and as a wheelsucker par excellence will be difficult to shift along the Georgetown

Stuart has been getting some good results at cx so he could be the bunches van der Poel and van Aert

Jess will find out if giving birth is the equivalent of taking EPO in terms of the impact on red blood cells

George has promised to be utterly dominant and I have no reason to doubt his word

Not seen Galeb, Robbie, Paul and Sam out on the bike for a while, i can only assume this is due to lots of secret training!


The rest of us? well the only positive i have to say is that we've still got 6 weeks to get fit :D


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