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    Codg1e got a reaction from Iain67 in Sunday 18th July - Kilcreggan   
    Hi folks, 9am at clubrooms and 9.40 at the Erskine Bridge (south side) for a jaunt across the water along through Helensburgh and past Faslane to Kilcreggan.  We'll join up with 30milers to Helensburgh or Faslane (depending on who from 30milers wants more miles).  Suggest we keep the water on the left and we take on the Coulport climb after the cafe in Kilcreggan.  Return via Glen Fruin or back the way we came - can discuss at cafe on the day.  Circa 80 miles.
    See you Sunday
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    Codg1e got a reaction from Darryl Gunson in Sunday 6th June   
    I was going to suggest incorporating a ferry or five in the coming weeks since weather finally getting better.  Can't wait!  I am at a friends Saturday night so hopefully won't be too rough on Sunday and hope to catch you at half 8.  Looking forward to this!  
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    Codg1e reacted to GlenIrving in Sunday 16th May Kilkreggan Loop   
    Guys can we not do 8:30 clubrooms and 9 at bridge. Seem crazy to waste the time when it’s light from so early?? 
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    Codg1e got a reaction from Iain67 in Sunday 16th May Kilkreggan Loop   
    Will likely tag along as far as Helensburgh/Rhu or thereabouts (as long as its dry lol), need to be home sharp on Sunday.  Great route though!  Worth phoning ahead to the cafe at Kilcreggan (if its open!) to let them know how many cyclists are coming, perhaps call when stopped at Erskine Bridge - I recall the service there has historically been a bit hit n miss lol.
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    Codg1e got a reaction from Darryl Gunson in Sunday 2nd May   
    See you Sunday! 
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    Codg1e reacted to Darryl Gunson in Sunday 2nd May   
    Hi folks
    JWCC club rides are back on! Starting this Sunday. Each ride will have a leader who deals with the track and trace information, and we may face to split into 2 groups if we get very large numbers. Social distancing still in place of course.
    9am at Miller Street for a ride around the coast. Bail out options at Greenock, Gourock and Largs.
    Hope to see some of you then.
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    Codg1e reacted to Gerard Deeley in Spied a Wheeler   
    Thanks to lockdown I can descend a lot faster.  It has something to do with physics, mass and gravity, I will know more about after the topic comes up in home schooling.  If you were wearing visible club kit I would have stopped to say hello, I miss club runs and everyone I would see there.
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    Codg1e got a reaction from Gerard Deeley in Spied a Wheeler   
    Gerard D going fast down Main Road (B789) hill in Langbank today as I was huffing and puffing my way up it in the pishing rain 😓 lol
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    Codg1e reacted to thejanullrichdietplan in Virtual Reliability rides   
    There is a discord chat you could join. I'm sure someone could livestream the ride too - i think @Colin McPhee has mentioned in the past that he knows how to do that.
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    Codg1e reacted to martin in Arran - Again !   
    Yep, cracking facility in Lamlash. We got mates rates for the jets, let me know if you want me to make enquiries. 
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    Codg1e reacted to ginty001 in Time for a new Garmin   
    Just recently got a 530 Colin, and its seems great so far....
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    Codg1e reacted to Darryl Gunson in Time for a new Garmin   
    Had the 830 since September. Excellent but of kit. Highly recommended. Great battery life and all the data you could wish for. Plus it lets you see who is calling or texting you. The map is great too. Easy to see and operate.
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    Codg1e reacted to AlanT in Time for a new Garmin   
    I’ve had an edge 1000 for a few years, mainly because I needed the bigger screen to see the numbers. There’s no point in having a computer that displays your output in real time if you can’t bloody see it. 🤔
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    Codg1e reacted to stuart10ant in Time for a new Garmin   
    I just got the 530 recently and have no complaints, as Iain says, battery life is great. Still not messed about with all the features yet
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    Codg1e reacted to thejanullrichdietplan in Time for a new Garmin   
    I have the 830 which is basically the 530 with a touch screen. Went for the touch screen as it makes scrolling about a map for off road riding a bit easier, but for road riding would have gone 530.  Battery life is excellent, about 20+ hours.
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    Codg1e reacted to George in Arran - Again !   
    Either way, once Covid is over a night or two on arran with some cycling & beer would be magic. 
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    Codg1e reacted to EricL in Covid19 Update - January 2021   
    I expect that the majority of JWCC membership will already be fully aware of the latest Scottish Government lockdown guidance and restrictions associated with life at Tier 4. In simple terms - stay at home except for essential purposes, Police Scotland is legally enforcing the measures, for the weeks (months?) ahead.
    Exercise is permitted in certain circumstances and close to your local area. British Cycling and Scottish Cycling have confirmed their positions on this and I have below lifted extracts from their web pages to assist any of our membership who choose to venture outside on their bikes at this time.
    It remains the case that it is not possible for JWCC to safely run any events or organise group riding while there are such restrictions in place.
    Stay local, keep riding, and come back smiling
    While winter is often a trickier time to stay active due to the cold weather and short days, it’s a vital tool for safeguarding our physical and mental wellbeing during what is set to be another challenging few weeks ahead. Although the restrictions have been tightened, riders are still encouraged to get out and enjoy some fresh air – whether that’s for daily exercise or essential journeys.
    Mainland Scotland is at Level 4 and will now have to follow enhanced guidance including;
    Household rules now apply to all activity (no sports bubble at Level 4) i.e. 2 people from a maximum of 2 households only. Sport can continue but it will be for a maximum of 2 people together unless under 12 years as they do not count towards the total (so more can take part).  Travel is restricted (as previously) but with ‘stay at home’ the key message and this has been put into law from midnight on 4 January 2020. There are however exemptions for sport, exercise and recreation and participants can still travel up to 5 miles from the boundary of a LA to take part in informal exercise such as walking, running, golf or cycling as long they abide by the rules on meeting other households noted above e.g. 2 adults from maximum of 2 households. Please ensure that you have reviewed the latest Scottish Government guidance if planning to take part in informal rides during this period.
    Do your bit to minimise the risk of Coronavirus spreading by abiding with this guidance, the restrictions will not last forever.
    With thanks,
    Eric (Covid coordinator for JWCC) 
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    Codg1e got a reaction from Darryl Gunson in Season’s Greetings!   
    All the best.  2021 will be better 💪
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    Codg1e reacted to Darryl Gunson in Season’s Greetings!   
    I just wanted to wish our members all the best for the festive season, and beyond. It’s been a strange old year. Let’s hope we can get back to some semblance of normality in the new year.
    Cheers and best wishes 
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    Codg1e got a reaction from stuart10ant in Covid Update: Club Activity Suspended from 11/12/20   
    Dear Club Members
    Today, as our area has moved into Tier 3, the committee have reviewed the latest guidance. We note that the restrictions under Tier 4 were practically unworkable for club  bunch rides, and that there  is very little difference between Tier 3 and 4 restrictions.  In line with other Scottish cycling clubs, we have decided that the best course of action, for the present, is to suspend all club activity until further notice.  If you do go out on your bike please ensure you follow the guidelines, and  be mindful that they are  now enshrined in law.  If you’re unsure about them, the latest information is here:  https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/scotland/article/20200313-Scottish-Cycling-Coronavirus-COVID19-Guidance-0 .
    Johnstone Wheelers hope to return to the roads again soon, but for now there will be no further club runs or related activity.
    We are very active on Zwift - see the Virtual Rides forum on The Bunch, and further details in Main Bunch WhatsApp group.
    Keep safe - and we’ll gang forward again soon
    JWCC Committee
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    Codg1e reacted to charlie p in Sunday 6/12/20   
    thanks for posting this route. Think I will steal it for my next outing. Unfortunately it was too icy today for non main road routes
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    Codg1e reacted to Colin McPhee in Sunday 6/12/20   
    Keep route for next Sunday thanks for posting 😀
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    Codg1e reacted to Darryl Gunson in Sunday 6/12/20   
    Looks a great route within our LA boundaries. Won’t make it for this one bit hope to see you next week. 
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    Codg1e got a reaction from KennyS in Club Statement re: Updated Covid-19 Guidance   
    Members, we have received updated guidance from Scottish Cycling regarding club activity during the current pandemic with particular attention to areas in Levels 3 & 4. Specifically, until further notice club rides must stay within the boundary of the local authority (in our case, Renfrewshire). There are no changes to the group sizes which remain at up to seven riders in a club-organised bunch ride. We note that non-club organised rides remain at six riders from two different households only. Please adhere to these guidelines – the clubs reputation is at risk and the law would be broken by not doing so.
    Virtual bunch rides continue on Zwift – we now have a 'Virtual Rides' section on The Bunch, full details available in there.
    We hope members continue to abide by the guidelines, but for clarity: Any ride organised on The Bunch or the club WhatsApp Groups are club-organised with rider details sent to our Covid convenor, Eric. Any outwith this are not official club rides.
    See you Sunday for a Tour De Renfrewshire.
    JWCC Committee.
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    Codg1e reacted to EricL in Covid Update 20/11/2020 - Bunch runs   
    Scottish Cycling has issued a note of clarification for the latest guidance outlined above, which also confirms our understanding of matters regarding transit across Local Authority boundaries, as follows;
    Protection Levels Guidance Update There was some late changes to the travel guidance on Friday after the regulations were laid in Parliament that was disseminated through to sportscotland/SGBs on Friday afternoon. We've now updated the guidance and it can be found at the link below. The important change is this: Participants of all ages (Adults and U18s) living in a Level 4 area can now travel within around 5 miles of their Local Authority area to take part in organised activity. The below point still stands Riding through areas at all levels is permissible and you may travel within 5 miles into a Level 4 Local Authority area to start your ride. In essence, the above allows for rides to transit through all levels as long as they start and finish in the same place https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/zuvvi/media/Scottish_Cycling_Protection_Levels_v6.