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  1. Me. If it’s not snowing. Or icy. Or wet. Or too sunnny.......
  2. Jaki R

    Saturday 29th

    Dunlop dairy is closed until 15 January
  3. Jaki R

    Whole Club run 24th September

    I'll be there
  4. I'm free to help out.
  5. Jaki R

    Arran 22 July

    Looking a bit too windy for me
  6. Jaki R

    Arran 22 July

    I should be ok for this
  7. Jaki R

    Sunday 30th April

    I'll come
  8. Jaki R

    Social Night Friday 21st April at Amaretto

    I should be able to make it.
  9. Jaki R

    Reliability run 1- Tour of Renfrewshire

    I'll be there for 9. Will try and bake something.
  10. I can't make it unfortunately.
  11. Jaki R

    Christmas social night Friday 2nd December 7pm

    I'll try and come along after I've been to the girls day out