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  1. elder son going off to uni, so looking for a serviceable bike, mtb, hybrid or road bike. Preferably not a looker though anyone got something lurking at the back of the shed, a bit unloved, behind the carbon, disc wheeled, Di2 beauties. Needing a new home, will get used but hopefully not abused cheers duncan
  2. Stuart, Good to hear there is an order for more hoodies. I have an old one that is on its last legs. I think we got some jets hoodies at the same time as the adult ones. Do you think it would be possible to do this again? Would need a change of the lettering on the back and different sizes but otherwise the same. duncan
  3. Carol will not be able to come along this week. Hope weather better than last week duncan
  4. Is it 7:15 for 7:30 off? Probably a couple of jets keen to come along. Will confirm thanks duncan
  5. duncan thomson


    I think there should be a few johnstone Jets going over. I think it clashes with youth track champs and sxc race so fewer than usually racing but you won’t be only one in blue and yellow
  6. Jamie Thomson a Jet will be along. I can be a holder
  7. great day on sunday, four jets in u14 and u16. Cedric had a great race in the elites , 26th, one behind Gary McDonald and ahead of David Lines, to be fifth Scottish based rider (I think). Certainly seemed fast on his tyres. Chapeau
  8. i was great* for the first third of a lap, then squirrely rear tyre, rapidly progressing to flat, shouldered bike and had the field go past. So much for tubs * for great, read not last!
  9. weather in Lochcarron today, windy, westerly with occasional rain. Didn't see the peloton coming through though, hope all well duncan
  10. top tip: at plean I tried cunning trick to free the mud by doing stylish bunny hop. It worked a treat. All the mud shifted from the forks and immediately jammed the front brake, I went AoverT and ended up on my head, in the very soft mud. the top tip is- don't do that, but I suspect everyone else knew that anyway. Ah well, learn from your mistakes