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  1. great day on sunday, four jets in u14 and u16. Cedric had a great race in the elites , 26th, one behind Gary McDonald and ahead of David Lines, to be fifth Scottish based rider (I think). Certainly seemed fast on his tyres. Chapeau
  2. hoping to manage along for this sorry, double booked duncan
  3. duncan thomson

    Irvine CX

    i was great* for the first third of a lap, then squirrely rear tyre, rapidly progressing to flat, shouldered bike and had the field go past. So much for tubs * for great, read not last!
  4. duncan thomson

    Ridley XNight full carbon CX

    Disc or canti brakes? Duncan
  5. duncan thomson

    North Coast 500 2017

    weather in Lochcarron today, windy, westerly with occasional rain. Didn't see the peloton coming through though, hope all well duncan
  6. duncan thomson

    Plean 27th Nov 2016

    top tip: at plean I tried cunning trick to free the mud by doing stylish bunny hop. It worked a treat. All the mud shifted from the forks and immediately jammed the front brake, I went AoverT and ended up on my head, in the very soft mud. the top tip is- don't do that, but I suspect everyone else knew that anyway. Ah well, learn from your mistakes
  7. duncan thomson

    Lochore 4th Dec 2016

    I should be there but I think family stuff is going to get in my way. Pleas about possible podiums at scottish champs seem to have fallen on deaf ears. What can you do?
  8. duncan thomson

    Irvine 20th Nov 2016

    Yup, amazing innit'
  9. duncan thomson

    JWCC membership 2016-2017

  10. duncan thomson

    Irvine 20th Nov 2016

    Ha. 42nd awesome auld git for me. Actually got some points. Waiting for the Scottish cycling call up. Great day. Loads of wheelers jerseys spread all over the course. Some upright. Plean next 😃
  11. duncan thomson

    Irvine 20th Nov 2016

    Working Saturday. Planning on sitting down whole day to protect the good sensations that took me to top 85 in fife. Glorious.
  12. duncan thomson

    Strathclyde Park 6th Nov 2016

    personal highlight: riding the bridge climb AND then passing McLean until out of sight of Son number 2, when I let Alan past and then almost threw up
  13. duncan thomson

    Callender Park 9th Oct 2016, Falkirk

    first cyclocross race for ages, loved it. dead slow though. onwards and upwards. Jamie said I was rubbish, he said it was a helpful comment. Just because he was 3rd in U12 doesn't mean he can slag off his old man. No, actually, it does