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Restricted Gear TT, Sunday 8th March

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It's the start of the Confined Event TT series, on Sunday 8th March. This is the first trophy of the season up for grabs to the fastest rider on the day, won last year by Marc Kelly in a ripping time of 27.31.

2 laps of a hilly route with some challenging turns and a terrific descent, all in the small ring. An excellent introduction to time trialling for beginners, as well as a decent warm up for the more experienced.

In keeping with the spirit of restricted gears, only those riding road bikes will be considered eligible for the trophy, i.e. no TT bikes, skinsuits or pointy hats please. The jets will also be welcome to ride in this first competitive confined event of the season.

There will be a short ride down to Castle Semple after the run for tea and scones, for all the athletes.

As normal, there will be a £3 entry fee, payable on the day, the proceeds going towards the costs of the awards at the end of the season.

The course:


Please note that the start point has been moved to the duck pond where parking is better and traffic is slower. This should make the start a little safer for everyone.

Meet at the start at 10:00 ready for first rider off at 10:15.

I will timekeep, but I need a willing volunteer to hold.

I will post the Risk Assessment on Friday.

As usual, the weather conditions will be assessed on Saturday, but the forecast is not horrible for this weekend, so I have every expectation that the event will take place.

Post up if you're coming.

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Fair question. Are there many of the Jets coming along? If we're only going to have 2 (maybe) riders, it's not worth doing.

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Sunshine, showers and a strong wind today meant times were never going to be fast. 11 hardy riders braving the conditions, 5 of them Jets. Best turn out we've seen for a few years.

David Cowan 38:36, paid

Fiona Davidson 37:35, paid

Kyle Maitland(J) 33:26

Fraser Elsby (J) 36:47

Martin Mulholland 37:22, paid

Andy Ross 39:59, paid

Ruaridh Mulholland (J) 38:59

James Ross (J), 36:12

Fraser Anderson (J), 42:13

Iain McTavish, 29:43, paid

Marc Kelly, 30:58, paid

Some great times there in the conditions, and congratulations to Iain McTavish for picking up the first silverware of the season. If someone can let me know the missing jets surnames, I'll update the list.

Thanks to all the marshalls, and to my glamorous assistant, Elaine Muirhead at the start/finish line.

I have £18 to transfer to the club account.

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35 minutes ago, George said:

Well done, Mr McTavish. Bit of a hollow victory without me there but you have to take your wins when you can 👍


The pressure on the start line when we noticed your absence was great. Everyone knew that this was a rare window of opportunity that may not happen again in 2020 once you start your race season

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3 hours ago, AlanT said:

missing jets surnames?

Fraser Elsby, Kyle Maitland, Fiona Davidson.

Thanks for organising Alan. Not done that for a long while, but it didn't take long to remember why I don't like time trials. 

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