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Mark O

Southport Standard Tri 20th May 2018

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Race report on this event, seeing as I'm still a paid up member and race in club colours.

Flat course, fairly light winds off the sea, warm and sunny.......getting warmer as the morning progressed. Usual friendly atmosphere and well organised.  First tri of the season for me and first since last summer's 70.3 effort. Target time around 2hrs 30 mins  based on my training efforts.

Swim was solid and pretty much as expected albeit marginally slower than pool times. Chalking that down to it being my first open water swim of the year. Not much of a scrum in the water which was good . I didn't feel i got into a good rythmn but a 26.26 swim was ok and was well placed in age group.

T1 was a disaster time wise. Wet suit refused to come off. Room to improve here and gain back 2 mins lost. 

Bike stage was good. There and back again course. Bit of a head wind but not overly so. 1:08:13 . Could have gone harder but know the run is comparatively my weakest event and I need to judge my effort to avoid blowing. Got off bike feeling reasonably fresh and had made up ground on those who passed me in T1.

T2 - better than T1, could get smoother but generally happy with this.

Run - hot kind of covers it. Been regularly doing 45 min 10ks when fresh so anything close to this would be pleasing. Did 48:17.  Slightly slower than I hoped for but the heat doesn' t agree with me. No cramp on the run, which is a first but the last 2k seemed to take an age.

After entering this event I realised it was the English championship. Accordingly there were some proper athletes racing. The winning time was around 1:58:38. My age group winner posted 2:02:25. I was breathing down his neck at 2:28:53. That put me in 20th for my age group and 146th overall in a field of 400. Hard to tell the quality of a field but I reckon a gave a reasonable showing. Pleased with a 12 minute improvement on my last standard tri and beating my target time.

Looking at my splits I'm giving away easily 8 mins to my nearest time placing rivals on the run - 14 places. T1 cost me a couple of mins and 10 places. 

Lessons - get wet suit legs trimmed and practice wriggling out of it more. No doubt there are a few minutes to be gained in the swim and on the bike. Incidentally, I had gained 25 places over the 25miles. Hydration still not perfect and need to work on this. However to really move up the placings a 40-45min 10k has to be the targeted improvement between now and Allerthrope in August.  My target was to get close to 2:30 . Target achieved. New target now set at 2:20  

Onwards and upwards


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Not sure if you’ve raced Allerthorpe before but it’s a flat, super fast bike course so ideal for another pb. (assuming it uses the same roads as the 2 lap half distance)

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That is a great result in a national champs field. Losing 2 mins in T1 is deadly.  Looks like you could knock 5 mins off your run time and be in contention for Scots vets!

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