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  1. Tech and wine issues from the night before!! Opening the second one is never as good an idea as it seems at the time😳 Could you make it a sticky ride for most of it, then a free for all for the last 5 or 10km? That would be a bit more like a reliability ride.
  2. Kenny i havé an old Cougar frame (TT) and some tyres. Two pairs plus one. Moving house next week so need to shift before Wednesday. Let me know if interested. cheers Tom
  3. I have an old Cougar frame which is probably a 52. Guessing it doesn't have mudguard clearance and eyes but will check tonight and let you know.
  4. I can make you a custom lugged steel frame too if that is of interest. Have a look on Facebook at HillCycles. i do them at cost as it is a hobby. Tom
  5. Did you get anywhere with this? If not I can make one for you for £75 which will then need painting. Cheers Tom
  6. I went up Old Largs road to run round Greenock Cut this morning; perhaps not one of my better ideas. I confirm that running on snow covered ground, while gentle underfoot, is very tiring! The roads were mostly clear but many slushy areas and some longer covered stretches. You might want to stick to the coast.
  7. Tom Hill

    A bolt

    If you are struggling, I can probably get the bolt out for you; if you bring it down to Langbank. Tom
  8. I have had to pull out of this. I transferred my entry to someone else on the organiser's website.
  9. Not being a beer drinker, I probably could not manage the (skinny git.... just jealous) Paul McD’s weight. But I do like a challenge! Not so keen on the 20% climbs but how hard can it be? It’s only 3000m climbing in 240km. PaulL send me the link. Tomfhill at Mac dot com.
  10. Plan to be at the Bridge. Will tag along till the legs hit limp home mode..
  11. I’m up for joining you. But unlikely to be able to keep up the whole way. Couttie could tow me home. Sorry that should’ve been could Couttie tow me home...... as in will he?
  12. Such sad news. Always smiling, with words of encouragement, as he ripped the legs off you! I will be at the funeral but not Amaretto.
  13. Thanks for the ride. Really felt the lack of miles after about 60km. A bit stiff and sore down the left side but no major damage. Thanks to Couttie for shepherding me back!
  14. Thanks Alan. I have run round Greenock cut a few times and thought it would be worth riding. I have gone over the Erskine bridge then up the hill to Loch Hamish and beyond. That is a tough climb and needs fully functioning brakes for the descent on the way back! I just wondered if there was anything similar nearby that I was missing..