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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the run, my legs struggled from 35 miles but hey-ho all part of getting my fitness back. Alan thanks for kind words re helping Mia, I’m just glad she managed to finish the run cheers.
  2. Al

    Bike hire in Portugal

    Cheers Ken. We’re staying in Lagos so not that far from Tomas shop and good news he knows his stuff/routes/etc. I’ll definitely drop him a hire request so thanks for the info. Enjoy the golf and sun, thanks again Al
  3. Al

    Bike hire in Portugal

    Hi folks, going to Portugal in April, anyone hired bikes there before? Only need 3 day hire for 3 guys. Not done much research yet so only found this website https://www.swiftmo.com/race-bike-rentals so far. any recommendations/etc greatly received cheers Al
  4. I’m in, 9 bunch for me. I’ll bring something savoury along.
  5. I’ll be out with 9am bunch. I’ll bring a pile of sandwiches.
  6. Al

    Turbo trainer

    Prefect drop me address/phone and I’ll pop over
  7. Al

    Turbo trainer

    Yes Ian cheers. Can I pop over this week, you in Bishy? What night/time suits?
  8. Al

    Turbo trainer

    Hi Ian, turbo still for sale? Cheers Al
  9. Al

    Sunday 27th January

    Sorry guys, I’ve got a night out so will miss tomorrow. Have fun.
  10. Al

    Sunday 20th January

    Thanks again to everyone for waiting on me, hopefully I’ll be keeping up in a few weeks time. Thoroughly enjoyed today, the banter, catching up with old friends and the coffee/cake. see you next week cheers
  11. Al

    Sunday 20th January

    Planning to be out Cheers
  12. Al

    Sunday 13th Jan : local

    Big thanks to everyone for waiting on me, really appreciated and still had a great run and coffee stop even if the wind was ‘interesting’ at times. I’ll get out myself this week and hopefully be bit fitter next week cheers
  13. Al

    Sunday 13th Jan : local

    I’m still keen. Martin see you 9:30 clubrooms cheer
  14. Al

    Sunday 13th Jan : local

    Hi Dave, just rejoined after about 9 years. I’m up for run on Sunday, fitness not great but will hang on as best I can. See you 9:30 Sun at club rooms. Cheers