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  1. Extended cafe stop and I missed it too. Sorry for bailing folks but came home after a massive 18 miles and fell asleep on sofa, defo something going on.
  2. I’m in Dave, see you 9 at club rooms
  3. Good run today, really enjoyed it and usual good company cheers everyone
  4. I’ll join you Dave, see you at 9 at clubroom
  5. Cheers Dave and Andy really enjoyed the run and company, see you in 2 weeks. Al
  6. Dave, I’m up for this and given my poor hill climbing performance last week, perfect for me. I’m going to have lettuce leaf roll at Kilmacolm in the hope I beat you all on way back!!! cheers Al
  7. cheers Tom, I’ve been offered a couple frames but not seen them yet, if they don’t work out I’ll PM you. Thanks again Al
  8. Great run 55 for me, thanks everyone for waiting and must admit, I’m currently sitting on the couch totally burst. Trying to work up the energy/enthusiasm to climb stairs for a shower. As I keep saying it can only get easier!!!!!
  9. Got forks but the frame is cracked, so I’m back to drawing board looking for whole bike. Thanks for offer though. Al
  10. Dave, sounds good see you all at 9:30 :-)
  11. Hi folks, I’m keen to get out Sunday, not got any ideas for a route yet but 30/40 miles would be good? anyone else? cheers Al
  12. Hi Dave, I’m in for Sunday. Way too many holidays for me recently, so need to get back to some sort of routine. Cu 9:30 Al
  13. Hi folks, Bought a decent old 531 steel frame but struggling to find forks. Need ones with 200mm minimum length from bottom cup to top of threads. if anyone has anything lying around I’m more than happy to buy to complete the bike, condition not important as the frame is roughly sanded back to steel with surface rust and I’m keeping it like that but getting a clear powder coating put on it. Cheers Al.
  14. Struggling as out on the bevy tonight. Hope weather improves for you though
  15. Sorry just went to enter and realised event closed on BC website, however says you can enter on the day, is this correct? Middle distance for me, if I’m allowed in!!!! Cheers Al