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    saturday morning

    Story you told us Darryl at the Cafe put life into perspective man Class morning and put me to bed last night earlier than normal Till the next time Stevie
  2. Stevie Blom

    Jim Daly

    Tragic! A true gentleman and a character missed. One thing about jim, we all as part of the cycling community all can share a tale or 2 about him that reflects his true colourful nature. RIP Jim! Never forgotten Stevie B
  3. Hi folks, A few of us in the past have been close to breaking this course record... YOu really need to have correct conditions and no hold ups at roundabout so yeah all has to go well for you. Suppose if you are going well and have the legs why not give it a bash. Quickest i managed in my small period in time trialing was a 14:58, that then was a float day. Just depends on how serious you take these confineds as most folks treat it as training. Over the years some fantastic riders have done some superb times in windy conditions. Hope it works out for the one's that are targeting a result they have been training for on this course. Push it to the limit till can taste the blood in the back of your throat, thats what darryl used to tell me when i was just beginning Good luck Stevie
  4. anytime Willie Well done Ben great effort. Stick with Willie all the way and im sure we will read more fantastic rides. The thing i enjoyed about the club confined on the west ferry is that you knew you would have several attempts at it and through time you learn and understand the course.Week by week you can make improvements on how to gauge the effort accordingly. Sadly with open events so far away you dont have that pleasure... I aint no expert but it as vital to understand the fast and slow bits in and out of the wind and the turns that will have all sorts of gravel and other obstacles to contend with. The more experienced guys that have been doing it for 10,15 + years are the guys you can take note on how they go about it. Stevie
  5. JWCC Produces another class act Great Ride Ben, willie Defo a good guy to have on your side. enter the national 10 atleast as you will stand a great chance of being in the medals. superb
  6. Stevie Blom

    Sat 18th

    Total madness Id never ride on roads like that again,,,think after a few years of falling and near misses followed by @rse clenching moments
  7. Stevie Blom

    Sat 18th

    No Joy Paul. Hope you can get out alot in future. Think everyone is pulling hair oot and fed up with the rollers etc. See you soon.
  8. Good Ride Jim,Always nice to see people move up in Fitness. Keep it going and enjoy your cycling,Cant beat it when you are going well I hope your Recovering Greg,Please let us know. Sounded a bad crash but im sure you have the will power to over come and return to cycling. Cheers, Stevie P.s. It was great to catch up with all of you guys as it has been a while.
  9. Must be that Bike eh Greg Keep it going Its looking good and its only May
  10. Hi Paul, Will be down that weekend. If i dont ride it i will marshall
  11. You was riding well on Saturday David! Keep it up man and you will be flying fit when it counts in the summer
  12. will join you guys if nobody minds...need o be back for 1pm so ideal departure time..........had a few doins in the past from Messrs Mcdonald on this run
  13. Oh dear i just realised its the 21st........ignore my email below
  14. Hi darryl,Guys, Im heading for Saltcoats on Saturday. Do you mind if i tag along with the bunch as far as Ardross-ann Your weekend sounds a topper as usual. Cheers, Stevie B>
  15. Hi Lesley, That was an awesome report! Its been while since ive been in the alps but after reading that im twitching to go over next year. All those hard training iles have paid off - what a result. Let Donald know im asking for him. All the best, Stevie
  16. Hi Kenny, Congratuations and all the very best, hope it all works out. If you need any help moving up i will volunteer gladly. Stevie
  17. Good to catch up with you Neil and also some of the others that i have not seen in a while. Myself and Messrs Manson departed the bunch and headed back to lochwinnoch for a relaxing coffe. Hope you lads had a great ride. Cheers, Stevie
  18. hi Kenny S, Doing ok thanks. Will drop you a line via your email account. Fantastic line up for sunday, some fast rides must be on the cards. Lets hope for some good weather. See you all sunday
  19. Mul, is that a photi of a poke o chips loon Mayo
  20. Hi Frank, Thanks for the directions. No excuses now See you there if yer doon wi the Cervelo
  21. Hullo folks, Sorry to be a pain in the @rse, could anyone give us the exact course directions??
  22. Ride down to West ferry and give your Club mates some verbal support during the TTT4 Plan to ride down myself from johnstone about 0830. Stevie.
  23. Ola Paul, If im down i will marshall as per usual