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  1. Paul, I've used RGT a bit (only the free version as you can ride Stelvio and Mont Ventoux on the free version), it's simple to set up and use assuming you have a phone and tablet/appleTV. To set up a "Magic Road" then you need to be a Premium member and email the GPX file to RGT so not sure how fast they are at turning around. Good luck David
  2. Change of plans can't make it now.
  3. Can’t believe this is actually true. Quite embarrassing for the UK. There is an email at the bottom of the road.cc news article for the UK embassy in Colombia. http://road.cc/content/news/117256-colombian-cyclists-refused-uk-visas-giro-ditalia-big-start-northern-ireland http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/team-colombias-visa-issues-for-the-giro-ditalia
  4. Been filed away by my dear mother as I had obviously left it lying at my **** (as she would say)
  5. Panic over. It has been found. Cheers DT
  6. Cheers Guys, I know the BC no. so hopefully that will be enough. I've FB him so will see if he has time to get back to me. DT
  7. I have a Silver membership with a provisional licence. Entered for the Georgetown cup online but can't find my licence. Anybody know what the protocol for this situation is? Cheers DT
  8. Selling on behalf of my parents. Good condition. Owned since new when bought in 2004. Built in kitchen with 3 gas ring buner, fridge, sink, 4 drawer storage + 1 cutlery drawer & 2 gas bottles inc. Under bed storage, electric hookup, front storage box, seperate chemical toilet, groundsheets, 2 large windbreaks & electric light. £800 O.N.O P.M for details Cheers DT