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  1. We've completed a small forum upgrade today for you, keeping the software safe and up to date. A few new features here and there too. Have a look at the "GIF" button when creating posts, plenty fun to be had there!
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    Strava Widgets on the homepage have been updated with the official feeds. Some background on the activity of the last couple of days. We agreed to do the forum upgrade to the latest software in the last week, this in itself was a fairly trivial process but it was necessary to keep the forum on supported software versions. In order to run the latest forum software we had to also update the website itself which was badly in need of repair. Bits were broken, stuff wasn't being updated and the software it was running was also well out of date and insecure. We've very quickly put together what is really just a landing page to replace it, running on the latest software, but crucially one that updates itself by using feeds from The Bunch (General and Club Runs as a separate feed), Twitter, Facebook and the Strava stuff. The Jets twitter account looks like it's frequently updated so we're actually using the tweets to build the latest news section on the Jets landing page. We can do the same with the Wheelers if the account is active. This means you don't even need to access the CMS of the website to update the latest news, just do it all via Twitter. We can add and built on this over time with additional information and features. Happy to take on board any comments, suggestions or issues with anything we've done
  3. I've installed XandBlue and Acid Tech Yellow and also enabled one of the other default skins. The reason I enabled the latter is because I didn't want to be left with four skins
  4. Sorry guys, I had to update the forum to the latest release as the old version was creating problems with spammers and it was very insecure. I can install some other "themes" for you to choose to personalise the way the forum looks for you. At the moment there is only two themes available, you can switch to another one by going; User control panel Board preferences My board style There are loads of themes available, see the list on the phpBB site and let me know if there are any you would like me to install; http://www.phpbb.com/styles/demo/3.0/ You can switch the styles using the dropdown at the very top right hand corner of that demo site.