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Camp 2021 Dates 26/2-5/3/2021

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Providing travel to Spain is permitted the dates for this is from Friday 26 through to the weekend 5th March

I am planning on going out Friday to Friday , Speaking to Richie he is likely to stay to the Sunday . We’re thinking of including a trip into the mountains up towards Denia . If you are interested post last year there was a good sized bunch out which made it very enjoyable .

Most rides are between 60/80 miles and include one or two short hills , the majority of the riding is on flat roads , so you can wheel suck all the way home if you want or need to. It would be good to get a big group out weather has been good the last few years . I think my gaff is full so yous will need another flat or flats 




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Just a note Easy Jet have not listed the Friday flight , only Thursday early morning or Saturday, however Ryanair have an early morning Friday flight at 0645 

Plus put a post up if you are coming and the days you want to go for, it makes it easier for travel and accommodation planning 

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Been looking at flights so starting with glasgow 

Easy Jet Saturday to Saturday departs 1225 Glasgow & 1705 Alicante £ 92 

Easy Jet Thursday to Thursday departs 0610 Glasgow & 1050 Alicante £88

No Friday flight out or back with Easy Jet

Jet 2 Saturday Saturday 1445 Glasgow & Friday 1615  Alicante £155

Jet 2 Thursday  Friday 1100  Glasgow Thursday & Friday Alicante 1615  £148 

Prestwick Cheapest Ryanair

Friday 0620 Friday Return 1050 £78 or £84 if you return on Saturday 

Mixed Flights

Prestwick out early Friday £52 return Jet 2 Friday 67 £119 

wife’s birthday on Saturday so I need to be back for it so likely going Friday to Friday , there is a Jet 2 flight on Thursday afternoon as well ,

The cost of a  shared taxi Would not be that much for the flights from prestwick 

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We as in myself George and Mr Gunn

may have a vacancy in casa MacD for Spain 21 , however you have to pass three  tests 

Test 1 You have to have sufficient funds to buy us drink

Test 2 You have to come out on the same Day ( Likely Thursday early morning from Glasgow) you can return when you want

Test 3 You have to be able to eat a full English prior to the ride

Applications to be made prior to October so that the vetting can be completed before December  

Now full again Sorry 

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