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  1. Helloooooo….. its so good to be back in the club. I have missed everyone. Yes Martin, it was us that stopped to help the guy. He was flat out on the pavement, his wrist didn't look to good either. How kind of the lady to message you re our kindness. Sorry I missed today Mia, looks like you had another fab day. My wee legs are just recovering from Sunday...
  2. Hope your okay Ian, knee looks rather nasty. Falling off is character building you said :) Lol
  3. I'll be there. I promise not to cause an accident this time Boyd.
  4. Great morning with fab company Bill is definitely the coolest cyclist Iv met ✌â€â™€âœŒ
  5. Not long in from work. Won't make it out tomorrow morning
  6. Same here Jan... Wee cocktail or 2 will be okay
  7. Fab Carol, I'll be there. French Martini's ??
  8. Is there a wee flat ish slow run? Anyone looking for slow as a snails 🌠pace company? 🙄 If not, I'll drop in for soup and a catch up
  9. I'll be there. If your looking for company at a slow pace Boyd?? I'll stick with you if that's ok. House move and winter laziness means I'm going to struggle tomorrow