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Georgetown tt 7/6/11

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Guest EPCC

Might be their haven't decided yet bogs bunch or tt waiting.g for weather forecast

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I didn't so much time-keep, more like set folk off and generally add a certain air of Joie de vivre to events.

Truth be told it was Willie who did the mental arithmetic, I was his apprentice in the dark art of time-keeping, lots to learn there!

Thanks Willie. :grin:


Not an easy night for the tt'ing well done to all who took part. Lots of notable times in there.




Ben: 15.06 (PB)


James: 17.34 (PAID £4)


Greg B: 17.41 (PAID)


Mark O: 18.13 (PB) (PAID)


Iain C: 18.55 (PAID)


Mark L: 19.15 (PB) (PAID)


Lindsay: 19.52 (PAID)


John: 21.27 (PB) (PAID)


Mary: 21.52 (PAID)


Greig: 21.58 (PB) (PAID)


Jan 25.10 (PAID)


Elaine: 25.24 (PAID)


I also paid as I owed money from last week.

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Big thanks to Kenny C and Willie for timing and holding duties.

Sorry for forgetting my wallet in the car, pesky skinsuits wi no pockets! I will pay double next week for sure.

Well done all pb-er's!



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Guest EPCC

Any chance of moving to 1900 start now that we have light as I might be able to ride one if we start at this latter time

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Guys (and more specifically Ben),


Just for information and inspiration (or should that be persperation :oops: ) I believe the course record for the Georgetown TT is 14.52 (I think Stevie Blom can confirm this?????) and this seems to be well within your reach Oh ya dancer !


If last night was "Not an easy night for the tt'ing " then on a "floater" you should be a shoe in for a new record.


Just to give you (all) something to aim for/think about ;-)


Colin Hello, beer !!

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Hi folks,


A few of us in the past have been close to breaking this course record...

YOu really need to have correct conditions and no hold ups at roundabout so yeah all has to go

well for you.

Suppose if you are going well and have the legs why not give it a bash.


Quickest i managed in my small period in time trialing was a 14:58, that then was a float day.


Just depends on how serious you take these confineds as most folks treat it as training.


Over the years some fantastic riders have done some superb times in windy conditions.


Hope it works out for the one's that are targeting a result they have been training for on this course.


Push it to the limit till can taste the blood in the back of your throat, thats what darryl used to tell me when i was

just beginning ;-)


Good luck



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