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League of 10 #6, 2nd July, 7.15 meet for 7:30

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Ramping up gently to the 25s, a week on the Westferry to get another in the league of 10 done. As usual, volunteers required for timing and holding, and lots of riders to take part. 

Lights (front and rear) are highly recommended.

I intend to ride this week.

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Two riders on the windiest July night I can remember for a Westferry 10:

Alan T - 25:53

Scott - 24:47

Well done, guys. Cheers to James for haudin' up.

(PS Sorry about the delay in posting. In an effort to get the results up quickly, I took my laptop into the kitchen while I was making dinner and splashed water all over the keyboard. Anyone want to buy a drowned MacBook Pro?)

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A tough cross/head on the out leg last night made it hard going. Thanks to Richard and James for timing and holding. 

I wouldn't normally run the event with 2 riders, but we were there in anticipation.

I have transferred £6 to the club account.

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