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Arran challenge Saturday 29/06, 06/07 & 13/07

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Outstanding effort once again Galeb. Your sense of adventure has no bounds and your resilience with just cracking on is truly amazing. You do really need everything in your favour to do this,  when it was done in 2016 there was a puncture on the first lap but it was very quickly fixed and the thing that really made the difference was team support in the pacemaking. Which just makes your effort all the more impressive.

Chapeau again





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Solo double attempt 2...missed her again. 

With north westerly winds, went for the anti-clockwise again (not my favourite). First lap went well...second lap after Lochranza lost the pace...I dont know why just couldn't get going again after the downhill section. A gel and a snack 15-20mins later I was back on again. But by that time lost probably 3mins or so on top of the usual 3mins at the start. Finished second lap around 8 mins down.

Ah well...may be one day. Probably need another month of the volume and intensity that I have been doing for the last 4 weeks. But play time is over now. Next week back to the usual :)


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