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  1. Hi Guys First up, I'm sorry I have been quiet of late, I haven't been keeping well but fingers crossed I'm almost back to normal. So I just wanted to give you a wee heads up, At this time of year there are often some crazy bargains to be had on end of season bikes that we either have in stock or indeed from the manufacturers so if anyone is contemplating a new bike now or indeed for next season give me a wee shout and we can see if there's any mega buys to be had. On a similar vain Autumn is just round the corner so if anyone needs a new Winter Bike, Cross Bike or Groupset to update existing bikes give me a buzz. I have managed to sort out some extra club discount on Kinesis, Genesis and Ridley Frames and Bikes. I'll post up some examples nearer the time but if anyone's toying with this give me a wee phone at the shop in the short term. I have also secured extra discount on TACX Trainers and Rollers so if your thinking of indoor training with one of Coach Billy's program's this rainy season give me a bell and we get you a trainer at the lowest cost available. All of the above applies to the Jets too, if someone can let them know that would be fantastic. More exciting news on this horizon, we have recently collaborated with Boardman to showcase for Scotland their full Elite range (the ones you CAN'T buy in Halfords or online and made famous by the Brownlee Bros). To launch this exciting venture Chris Boardman himself will visit and perhaps participate in a Club Ride/function if there's an appetite for this. Again I'll give you more details on this as and when things are finalised. Kind Regards
  2. I'd be happy to provide some vouchers as wee token prize to compliment the title in each of the above categories if this would be appropriate if not I totally understand Unfortunately I won't be able to attend on the 27th it's my wife's birthday and it's a significant one If you require the voucher give me a wee shout back please and I'll sort it out Cheers :-)
  3. Thomsonscycles

    Boyle 10 TT

    Big big well done to all. Alan T well chuffed for you. Big Al amazing Silas is doing the TT at the commits and your only 6 seconds off him and you got more to come he's at his peak absolutely amazing Bill your the man Great stuff proud sponsors
  4. Good luck guys If I could beg you a favour We have a young guy called Harry Johnstone who rides for team Thomsons Cycles he's a junior MTB and just 16. He's quiet a talent on MTB and he's on the British Cycling Olympic Development Squad. The coaches there have instructed him to do some road races and this is the first one. Just wondered if you could keep a wee eye out for him and give him a wee hand. He's a very strong rider and should be able to attack all day long so he could be handy if you guys could work out a wee plan. He's been given Ian sim as a guy to mark and to follow his moves but it could a lonely day for him. It's ok if you guys have your own wee plan and have your own strategies I was just wondering if and plz don't feel obliged as as I say was just a wee idea and he'd probably be mortified if he knew I was even mentioning this too you lol Any way dig in and have a stormer guys Cheers Allan
  5. I did the TT last year or the year before it's excellent fun. It's a great wee event overall
  6. Try this on bicycle parts for sale on Facebook as well George
  7. I'm sure there will be a surplus on laying about in the shop if your passing and there others don't suit :-)
  8. Hi George Without speaking on Billy's behalf the 1000 integrates with his new Shimano Di2. I think between the vector data and gps and now the ability to see what gear he was in at any given point it offers much better, more in depth analysis of performance. Or lack of in some cases lol
  9. I have already congratulated Al personally but it won't do any harm to say it again. It' was a fantastic ride so early in the season too. Can't wait too see you dip into the 19s. Congratulations again. Was great too see you in your new kit into the bargain. Proud sponsors indeed.
  10. We due some sample of these bikes tomorrow (7th may) should anyone want to view them Cheers
  11. Ritte have an awesome Track and Cross frames in the pipeline.
  12. Hi Guys I been working hard to find you guys some special deals to follow on from the Scott Foil offer (have 2 left if anyone wants one) This time we have spoken extensively with Ridley to bring you an unbeatable offer on the Carbon Fenix and Carbon Liz models. We have negotiated a special JWCC deal on the full 105 equipped bikes. As some of you know the Fenix and Liz are Ridleys comfort bikes however being a Ridley it's still a racy bike so it combines the best of both worlds. The Fenix is the gents geometry and the Liz has ladies geometry they have an RRP of £1900 and for a limited time only these bikes are available to order for the "frame only" price £1295 which is a whopping 30% off If anyone fancies taking advantage of this very special JWCC deal please get in touch and get your orders in ASAP bikes are scheduled to be delivered within 2 weeks of ordering As always I'd love to hear your thoughts on this offer even if it's of no interest. Cheers Allan
  13. Well Done AlanT I knew the new equipment would help :-) great stuff!! Well done everyone I will make an appearance soon and give this a wee bash :-)
  14. Thomsonscycles


    Hello Kenny If you have a 500 you will notice a big difference upgrading to a 510 or an 810 I'd advise against upgrading to an 800 however as it's not really worth the extra cost as the newer 510/810 have the latest software. Your route planning will alter to bring you back on track for sure. Before you take the plung I'd consider 1000 which is the very latest top spec device. This has touring features which will suggest routes for you and pick up others KOM times in the pacer options as well as having a better screen and the most up to date software. As will everything your club discount will apply if your looking to order one of these and if it's the 1000 you go for this will make a considerable saving on a product that won't be being discounted online due to its newness Hope this helps Allan